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pythagorean tuning
pythagoreische Stimmung {f}
pythagorean tuning
pythagoräische Stimmung {f} [Rsv.] [österr.]
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  • Pythagorean tuning has been attributed to both Pythagoras and Eratosthenes by later writers, but may have been analyzed by other early Greeks or other early cultures as well.
  • Just perfect fifths are the basis of Pythagorean tuning, and are employed together with other just intervals in just intonation.
  • Based on Pythagorean tuning, subscript numbers are then added to indicate the number of syntonic commas to lower a note by.
  • The chromatic scale in Pythagorean tuning can be tempered to the 17-EDO tuning (P5 = 10 steps = 705.88 cents).
  • The Pythagorean tuning is characterized by smaller differences because they are multiples of a smaller "ε" ("ε" ≈ 1.96 cents, the difference between the Pythagorean fifth and the average fifth).
  • He performs in just intonation and well-temperament, including Pythagorean tuning, including works by Lou Harrison, LaMonte Young, John Cage, and Harry Partch.
  • Meantone temperaments are constructed the same way as Pythagorean tuning, as a stack of equal fifths, but it is a "temperament" in that the fifths are not pure.
  • Pythagorean tuning is a system of musical tuning in which the frequency ratios of all intervals are based on the ratio 3:2.
  • The unevenly distributed well temperaments contain many different semitones. Pythagorean tuning, similar to meantone tuning, has two, but in other systems of just intonation there are many more possibilities.
  • Conversely, in twelve-tone equal temperament, Pythagorean tuning, and meantone temperament (including 19-ET and 31-ET) all major seconds have the same size, so there cannot be a distinction between a greater and a lesser tone.
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