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raw state
Rohzustand {m}
in a raw state {adv}unverarbeitet
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Übersetzung für 'raw state' von Englisch nach Deutsch

raw state
Rohzustand {m}mineral.

in a raw state {adv}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Williams owned the track, which remained in an almost 'raw state' until purchased in 1982 by the Bob Jane Corporation.
  • Wool classing is the production of uniform, predictable, low-risk lines of wool, carried out by examining the characteristics of the wool in its raw state and classing (grading) it accordingly.
  • It is then selected in the raw state, at the very first moment when it is salted.
  • In the EU, in order to be labeled as natural flavoring substance, many conditions have to be fulfilled: "Natural flavouring substance" shall mean a flavoring substance obtained by appropriate physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes from material of vegetable, animal or microbiological origin either in the raw state or after processing for human consumption by one or more of the traditional food preparation processes listed in Annex II.
  • The seeds are poisonous in their raw state, but can be cooked and eaten. Along with the bark, the seeds were used to stupefy fish, making them easier to catch.
  • The Fe'i, similar to a red banana, is found here and has to be cooked, as the red skin cover in its raw state an inedible pulp.
  • aviculare" as the raw state would blister their mouths.
  • "Russula vesca" is considered edible and good, with a mild nutty flavour. In some countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Finland it is considered entirely edible even in the raw state.
  • The tubers of "D. polystachya" can be eaten raw (grated or sliced), while most other yams must be cooked before consumption (due to harmful substances in the raw state).
  • The application domains of industry, medicine, astronomy, microscopy and science often use special monochrome cameras. They forgo any signal and thus output the digital image data in its raw state.
  • However, at least some of the tracts were put on the market only after considerable time had passed, and the land improved well beyond its raw state.
  • Inasmuch, however, as Apple's font tools require the generation of "morx" tables via raw state table information, they can be difficult to produce and debug.
  • They can be bought finished or in a raw state to be hand-painted.
  • One area of pre-sapient activity observed among the Europs by 3001 is that they are fascinated by metal artefacts from crashed human spaceships and probes - as they have no counterpart in their raw state under the oceans.
  • Cotton wool consists of silky fibers taken from cotton plants in their raw state.
  • The box shows the colour of the pigment in its natural, or raw state.
  • In its raw state, black stone flower does not have much taste or fragrance.
  • rubescens" is known to contain a hemolytic protein in its raw state, which is destroyed by low pH and when is cooked; it is unknown whether North American "A.
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