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raw-silk {adj}
raw silkBastseide {f}
raw silk
Rohseide {f}
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Übersetzung für 'raw-silk' von Englisch nach Deutsch

raw-silk {adj}

raw silk
Bastseide {f}

Rohseide {f}textil.
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  • Although Lombe's factory was technically successful, the supply of raw silk from Italy was cut off to eliminate competition.
  • which was established in 1929 and processed raw silk into a finished material.
  • This raw silk is cleansed with caustic soda, dyed in the requisite shades, the threads are carefully separated. Khari ( True / Real ) zari costs about Rs. 1800 for 250 grams.
  • Lombe was sent by his brother Thomas to investigate the Italian machines spinning organzine thread (raw silk warp threads used for weaving fine silk cloth).
  • Silk cocoons are hand picked at this market from KSIC officials, who have expertise in Mysore silk, every day as part of government bidding process and are sent to the raw silk production factory located in T.Narasipura.
  • Its raw silk string is plucked with a tubular plectrum placed on the index finger of the right hand while a tubular ivory device similar to a guitar slide placed over the middle finger of the left hand slightly depresses the string—though not so hard that it presses against the hardwood soundboard—to vary the pitch.
  • , the silk industry produces more than 130 million kilograms of raw silk, worth about 250 million U.S.
  • The northeast is known for using raw silk and cotton, and tye-dying raw silk known as "matmii" or ikat.
  • While in college, Michael Stanley was in the band Silk (originally called the Tree Stumps) which released an album, "Smooth As Raw Silk", on ABC Records in 1969.
  • They do this by hand-reeling the threads onto a wooden spindle to produce a uniform strand of raw silk.
  • The Uramasari tradition of fine clothing is also represented by the combination of materials used in the seats, leather for outer areas and raw silk underneath.
  • Silk noil is also called "raw silk", although this is a misnomer.
  • These were exchanged for local iron or raw silk. After the 2nd century CE, as Chinese influence waned, iron ingots came into use as currency for the trade based around Jinhan and Byeonhan.
  • According to André Guillou, mulberry trees for the production of raw silk were introduced to southern Italy by the Byzantines at the end of the ninth century.
  • In one technique, veining is created by drawing strands of raw silk saturated in pigment through the plaster mix.
  • After the Meiji era, mulberry fields and the raw silk industry dominated the local economy.
  • However, the company soon came to consider this outpost to be unprofitable, especially due to their inability to obtain Japanese raw silk for import to China.
  • In 1718, the Raw Silk Company was established in Chelsea Park, with mulberry trees and a hothouse for raising silkworms.
  • Hermes, imported raw silk directly from China which was spun into yarn and then made into a more long-lasting high-quality fabric with hand print; it is said these scarfs involved 43 screens giving its colour effects, and this printed scarf design was exhibited in a picture by two women in white wigs playing a game.
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