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NOUN   schnapps | -
SYNO schnapps | schnaps
Schnaps {m}
Klare {m}
2 Wörter
apple schnapps
Apfelkorn {m}
caraway (schnapps)
Kümmel {m} [ugs.] [Kümmelschnaps]
corn schnapps
Korn {m} [ugs.] [Kornbranntwein]
grain schnapps [with at least 38 % AbV]
Doppelkorn {m}
rowan schnapps
Vogelbeerschnaps {m}
wheat schnapps
Weizenkorn {m} [Branntwein]
4 Wörter
double-distilled wheat schnapps [Br.]
Doppelkorn {m}
5+ Wörter
We'll have three (shots of) schnapps.Wir kriegen drei Kurze. [ugs.]
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  • The most popular schnapps in the UK is peach schnapps.
  • A Dutch-only cinnamon schnapps, similar to Goldschläger. A less alcoholic version with silver flakes called Silverstrike also exists.
  • In the village Schwechow there is a well known distillery for schnapps and liqueur made from various fruits like apples, cherries, pears and even more exotic ones like ananas and carambola.
  • The redheaded slut is a cocktail made of Jägermeister, peach-flavored schnapps and cranberry juice.
  • Bommerlunder is a brand of schnapps, popular in Northern Germany.
  • A "Girl Scout Cookie" substitutes peppermint schnapps for crème de menthe.
  • Apfelkorn is considered a schnapps and is very sweet with a strong, sweet "apple juice" flavor.
  • In Spain, it is sung with the lyrics, "Una copita … de Ojén" ("English": "A shot … of schnapps").
  • is a German-style liqueur brand, best known for peppermint schnapps.
  • A fuzzy navel is a mixed drink made from peach schnapps and orange juice.
  • In spring 2013, Mill Street expanded their Distillery District operation and added a distillery that distills schnapps from beer.
  • The plant has a characteristic strong and bitter taste, which can be used in schnapps.
  • Castoreum has been traditionally used in Sweden for flavoring a variety of schnapps commonly referred to as "Bäverhojt" (literally, "beaver shout").
  • A Woo Woo is an alcoholic beverage made of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.
  • In Denmark this type of drink is usually called a kaffepunch and traditionally consists of nothing but coffee with schnapps.
  • Pillkaller Machandel, a liquor made using corn brandy/schnapps, liver sausage and mustard, is named after the town.
  • Gentian spirit (also Gentian schnapps, or Enzian liquor) is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage originating in mountainous areas, produced from the roots of the gentian plant.
  • In November 2018, Sazerac announced it would acquire 19 spirits brands from Diageo Plc, including Seagram VO Canadian whisky and Goldschläger cinnamon schnapps.
  • A Schnapps of typically up to 60% alcohol or fruit brandy is drunk, which in Austria is made from a variety of fruits, for example apricots and rowanberries.
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