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sorely disappointed {adj}äußerst enttäuscht
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Übersetzung für 'sorely disappointed' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sorely disappointed {adj}
äußerst enttäuscht
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Kamehameha was sorely disappointed in his expectations.
  • He is sorely disappointed when he learns that he has been assigned to a neighbourhood police centre.
  • Misao is sorely disappointed when her new friends decide to return to Tokyo, though Kenshin attempts to cheer her up by assigning her to get Aoshi to smile.
  • South Carolina had been sorely disappointed by negotiations surrounding the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832.
  • Hacker plans to promote her—ostensibly to strike a blow for women's rights—only to be sorely disappointed.
  • He was sorely disappointed and soon returned to Switzerland.
  • Carmela Ciuraru in "USA Today" warns readers of "Longbourn" who are looking for a different perspective on Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy they will be sorely disappointed because the book focuses on the hard lives of Regency-era servants.
  • The Cold War affected the research project for systems theory in ways that sorely disappointed many of the seminal theorists.
  • "Nature" added that SETI was "marked by a hope, bordering on faith" that aliens were aiming signals at us, that a hypothetical alien SETI project looking at Earth with "similar faith" would be "sorely disappointed", despite our many untargeted radar and TV signals, and our few targeted Active SETI radio signals denounced by those fearing aliens, and that it had difficulties attracting even sympathetic working scientists and government funding because it was "an effort so likely to turn up nothing".
  • De Blácam hoped all three men might one day convert to Catholicism as he did, and as sorely disappointed when each did not.
  • Charles was sorely disappointed, but he was powerless to effect anything further.
  • It received a lukewarm review from Patrick Gann of RPGFan, who said that while the music included was "beautiful" and a few specific tracks were "pretty cool", "anyone hoping for a proper arrangement of this music will be sorely disappointed".
  • He was sorely disappointed because any chance he and Shapiro had of winning a Nobel Prize was unceremoniously quashed.
  • In his first year as college president, the team fell far short of that mark with one win for the season and was outscored by 119 to 14, leaving fans and the school administration sorely disappointed under head coach C.C.
  • Touted by advertisers as the biggest blast in the world; many of the spectators were sorely disappointed when the blast finally occurred.
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