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NOUN   a timbal | timbals
Pauke {f}
timbal [also: tymbal] [archaic]
Kesselpauke {f}
timbal (organ)
Trommelorgan {n}
timbal (organ)
Tymbalorgan {n}
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Übersetzung für 'timbal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pauke {f}mus.
timbal [also: tymbal] [archaic]
Kesselpauke {f}mus.

timbal (organ)
Trommelorgan {n}entom.

Tymbalorgan {n}entom.zool.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In Los Angeles he recorded his last album "El Flaco De Oro" with Mike Rojas who features with a timbal solo on the song entitled "Cubita Triste".
  • Conical drums are a class of membranophone, or drum, that is characterized by sloping sides. They are usually one-headed. An example is the timbal.
  • The timbal is designed to play loud, rapid phrases and solos with powerful slaps.
  • Members of this genus are characterized by three-segmented tarsi, a rounded timbal cover apex, a pronotum shorter than the mesonotum, the head as wide or slightly wider than the mesonotum, and slightly protruding eyes, according to the authors who first described it.
  • At the age of 13, he began to discover his talent for percussion by playing in a bucket and then convinced his father to buy a tantã, repinique, timbal and tambourine.
  • Monchito played bongo for Tito Puente, but in 1959 moved to Tito Rodriguez' band to be able to play timbal.
  • Del Real played timbal with several of the most recognized salsa music stars.
  • it is usually played with the timbal, a percussion instrument similar to a drum.
  • The tymbal (or timbal) is the corrugated exoskeletal structure used to produce sounds in insects.
  • The sound is made by the rapid buckling of the timbal ribs, and amplified by resonation in an air sac; the frequency is around 4.3 kHz.
  • For example, in French, "timbales" (...) is also the word for timpani, thus the French refer to Cuban timbales as "timbales latines".
  • Giro gives this set-up as characteristic of Estudientinas: two "tres", 1st and 2nd; two "guitars"; one "trumpet"; "botija" or "double bass"; "paila" ("timbal"); "cencerro" ("cow-bell"); "güiro"; three singers, 1st, 2nd and falsetto, and maybe both sexes.
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