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NOUN   time behaviour | [scient. usage] time behaviours
time behaviour [Br.]Langzeitverhalten {n}
time behaviour [Br.]
Zeitverhalten {n}
real-time behaviour [Br.]Echtzeitverhalten {n}
response time behaviour [Br.]
Antwortzeitverhalten {n}
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  • In the case of instrumented operational semantics, this allows the operational semantics to track and the semanticist to state and prove more accurate theorems about the run-time behaviour of the language.
  • Linux/RTAI creates Orchestra Control Engine's hard real time behaviour.
  • The social positioning method (SPM) studies space-time behaviour by analysing the location coordinates of mobile phones and the social characteristics of the people carrying them.
  • He has also developed numerous theoretical tools for the convergence analysis of MCMC algorithms, obtaining fundamental results on the long time behaviour of Markov chains.
  • The MSS assumes that sexual orientation is multidimensional, including the factors of time, behaviour, cognitive/affective ratings and a broader view on bisexuality.
  • The annotations can be embedded in class files generated by the compiler and may be retained by the Java virtual machine and thus influence the run-time behaviour of an application.
  • In electronic engineering and control theory, step response is the time behaviour of the outputs of a general system when its inputs change from zero to one in a very short time.
  • SafetyNET p is suitable as a drive bus due to its real-time behaviour, with cycle times of up to 62.5 µs.
  • Some issues to address in mixed criticality systems include real-time behaviour, memory isolation, data and control coupling.
  • The performance is critical especially the time behaviour.
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