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NOUN   a time bomb | time bombs
time bombsZeitbomben {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'time bombs' von Englisch nach Deutsch

time bombs
Zeitbomben {pl}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The main objective of the game is to locate and place time bombs on boxes containing Stinger missiles, in which the player is required to escape before the time runs out.
  • When Brian Reid in 1979 placed time bombs in the Scribe markup language and word processing system to restrict unlicensed access to the software, Stallman proclaimed it "a crime against humanity".
  • At dinner that night, the captain is informed that in Aden terrorists have planted two time bombs aboard the ship.
  • Aside from the rover and its bridging kits, Jetman has access to three other pieces of equipment, all of which can be carried on the rear of the rover, albeit one at a time. Bombs must be used to destroy alien bases when they are encountered, which can only be accomplished when Jetman is flying above them.
  • Other tiles included time bombs which need to either be ejected from the playing field by sliding them towards one of the holes in the sides of the playing area or combined with a water tap tile.
  • All 73 people on board the Douglas DC-8 aircraft were killed after two time bombs went off and the plane crashed into the sea.
  • The most notable aspect of these attacks was the use of time bombs.
  • They also destroyed the city archives. Time bombs planted throughout the city continued to explode into November.
  • After locating Hammond's grandchildren, Grant must reactivate the park's computers and destroy "Velociraptor" nests using time bombs.
  • However, the Crughons managed to visit Earth in different periods of the past and plant three time bombs in the location of the future three generators of S.D.I.
  • Besides powerups, some crates may contain time bombs: explosives that detonate when their fuse runs out or if Joe comes too close (though he can walk out of the blast radius if the player is quick enough).
  • Activists affiliated with such groups have used Molotov cocktails and time bombs to intimidate moderate politicians and public figures, including former Deputy Foreign Minister Hitoshi Tanaka and Fuji Xerox Chairman Yotaro Kobayashi.
  • Trojans and other computer viruses that activate on certain dates are often called "time bombs".
  • He planted "time-bombs" in his products. He left clues of the paintings' true nature for fellow art restorers or conservators to find.
  • Tabitha Smith possesses the ability to create variably-sized yellow orbs and spheres of pure plasma, fiery-like energy, which she calls her "time bombs."
  • PAP then panned the party's manifesto citing "time-bombs", in which the party quipped that its manifesto contained only time bombs which threatened the PAP's power.
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