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NOUN   a time budget | time budgets
time budgetZeitbudget {n}
time budget survey <TBS> [also: time budgeting survey]Zeitbudgeterhebung {f}
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  • Approximately 40% of the one-time budget has been cut, equating to nearly 50 million dollars.
  • The imposing Green Giant is typically included in lists of America's unusual or notable roadside attractions, and has been featured in numerous magazines, including "Time", "Budget Travel", and "Mental Floss".
  • Apart from implementation methods serving as the set of rules to implement a specific product or service, implementation frameworks serve as the project managed structure to define the implementation phase in time, budget and quality.
  • This is not to suggest that there exists a constant travel time budget.
  • Some have introduced the concept of the most reliable path, aiming to maximize the probability of arriving on time or earlier than a given travel time budget.
  • Together with graduate student David Sherry and colleague Jerry Hogan, he showed that lone incubating birds lose body weight throughout incubation not because of a lack of feeding opportunities but rather because it is programmed in them, the setpoint for body weight slowly decreasing until the end of the incubation period, an adaptation to minimize the time budget conflict between feeding and incubation duties.
  • John has two younger brothers, James Langius (Gus,) a retired long time budget analyst and auditor for the state of Florida, and Joe, a crime analyst for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
  • An extension of algorithm selection is the per-instance algorithm scheduling problem, in which we do not select only one solver, but we select a time budget for each algorithm on a per-instance base.
  • In 2009 approximately 60% of the secondary school graduates from the country's regions were accepted for the full-time budget form of education.
  • "Sargon III" allots a time budget based on which level of play is chosen.
  • Project assurance supported senior responsible owners (SROs) and others responsible for successful delivery whilst providing funders and other stakeholders with the confidence that the project could deliver to time, budget and quality.
  • During this time, budget vinyl reissues of some titles were released with the catalog number format ANR-Z-6XX where Z is either the number of discs of the number of sides and the X's represent the last two digits of the release number.
  • They have a time budget of a few hours. Peer-to-Patent attempts to improve the patent process by markedly expanding the prior art search.
  • towards the end of the allotted time budget. In this way, the system is expected to wander initially towards a broad region of the search space containing good solutions, ignoring small features of the energy function; then drift towards low-energy regions that become narrower and narrower, and finally move downhill according to the steepest descent heuristic.
  • The optimal configuration for any Web application depends on application-specific details, amount of traffic, and complexity of the transaction; these trade-offs need to be analyzed to determine the best implementation for a given task and time budget.
  • The second measure of Paču, which is important for balancing the state budget, was the law that the state may owe national banks up to 10 million dinars per year until foreign creditors received income from the Independent Monopoly Administration (which remained only half as much) year and did not reach the surplus of their income.
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