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NOUN   a time clock | time clocks
clock timeIstzeit {f}
clock timegebrauchte Zeit {f}
clock time [standard time of day]Uhrzeit {f}
time clockZeituhr {f}
time clockStechuhr {f}
time clockStempeluhr {f}
time clockKontrolluhr {f} [Stechuhr]
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clock time adjustmentEinstellen {n} der Uhrzeit
electronic time clockelektronische Stoppuhr {f}
playing time clockSpielzeituhr {f}
real-time clockAbsolutzeitgeber {m}
real-time clock <RTC>Echtzeituhr {f} <EZU>
real-time clock <RTC>
Real-Time-Clock {f} <RTC>
running time clockLaufzeituhr {f}
standard clock timeStandardzeit {f}
time clock cardStechkarte {f}
time stamp clockStechuhr {f}
time stamp clockStempeluhr {f}
time-flow clock
Uhr {f} der fließenden Zeit
world time clockWeltzeituhr {f}
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The clock measures time.Die Uhr misst Zeit.
to punch the time clockdie Stechuhr drücken
real-time clock frequency
Echtzeittaktfrequenz {f}
5+ Wörter
a clock that tells the right timeeine Uhr {f}, die die richtige Zeit anzeigt
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  • The original Apple III has a built-in real-time clock, which is recognized by Apple SOS.
  • New genres of games were developed due to the advent of 64DD's rewritable mass storage, real-time clock (RTC), and Internet appliance functionality.
  • Hearing the engine roar at the pedestal, he thought that his elapsed-time clock had started late.
  • In an unusual move, Epic in the US added two tracks to the cassette version of the album: "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Dub Version, Featuring – Pappa Weasel)" at the end of side 1, and "Romance Beyond the Alphabet", which is the instrumental version of "Time (Clock of the Heart)" at the end of side 2.
  • The F10 stage (100 Hz) was fed back into the AGC to increment the real-time clock and other involuntary counters using Pinc (discussed below).
  • Numerous changes were made to the input/output peripherals as well, and in 1964, a real-time clock was added to support time-sharing.
  • But in the finals the Russian Émigré loses out to the time clock, forcing the game to adjourn.
  • Dallas Semiconductor manufactured integrated DIP real-time clock (RTC) modules which contained an IC chip and a non-replaceable 10-year lithium battery.
  • The RL/HD has a battery-backed real-time clock chip to store date and time information, which the RL lacked.
  • Finally, the system also included a 64-bit real-time clock register and four 64-bit instruction buffers that held sixty-four 16-bit instructions each.
  • Time management systems often include a time clock or web-based application used to track an employee's work hours.
  • RAM configured by default as "Slow RAM" or "trap-door RAM" and a battery-backed real-time clock (RTC).
  • After a jump, the time clock stops until the first following quarter-frame message is received.
  • The 5 VSB supply is used to produce trickle power to provide the soft-power feature of ATX when a PC is turned off, as well as powering the real-time clock to conserve the charge of the CMOS battery.
  • The motherboard includes a battery backed real-time clock (RTC) using the Motorola MC146818.
  • The server, which also has a real-time clock and a database of valid cards with the associated seed records, authenticates a user by computing what number the token is supposed to be showing at that moment in time and checking this against what the user entered.
  • Furthermore, those systems shipped with minimal amounts of computer memory&mdash;4-8 kilobytes was standard on early home computers&mdash;as well as 8-bit processors without specialized support circuitry like an MMU or even a dedicated real-time clock.
  • It also accommodates the Park Inn Berlin and the World Time Clock, a continually rotating installation that shows the time throughout the globe, the House of Travel, and [...] 's [...] (House of Teachers)'.
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