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twice as much {adv}zweimal so viel
twice as much {adv}doppelt so viel
twice as muchnoch einmal so viel
twice as muchnoch einmal soviel [alt]
twice as muchdas Doppelte {n}
twice as much asdoppelt so viel wie
to cost twice as muchdas Doppelte kosten
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  • Public support in the United States has decreased from 75% in 2020 to 62% in 2021, with the Democrat Party supporting the use of wind energy twice as much as the Republican Party.
  • , more than twice as much as its predecessor, and was armed with an Ordnance QF 2-pounder (40 mm) tank gun in a three-man turret.
  • The maximum plasma concentration of morphine following oral administration of heroin was around twice as much as that of oral morphine.
  • This was especially true of the powerpack, which was time-consuming to build and cost twice as much as more conventional designs.
  • Typically, about twice as much as a 320 kbit/s bitrate MP3 file.
  • This shows Transrapid train sets are likely to cost over twice as much as ICE 3 conventional fast rail train sets at this time.
  • That is about twice as much as is usually drunk in Italy.
  • At one time VB sold twice as much as any other full strength beer and was the only Australian beer brand that is in the top 3 sellers in every state.
  • Friedman conjectures that anything done by government costs at least twice as much as a privately provided equivalent, which has been labeled as his eponymous law: "It costs any government at least twice as much to do something as it costs anyone else."
  • Over 120,000 troops constitute the size of the Territorial Forces, which is twice as much as it serves in the regular duty military.
  • In another cited study, students in a physics class that used active learning methods learned twice as much as those taught in a traditional class, as measured by test results.
  • According to the mating trials that were analyzed in the study, wild-type males sired twice as much as the genetically modified fish due to their more aggressive nature.
  • thrust, twice as much as the jets of its main British and US opponents, which used the older Rolls-Royce Derwent design.
  • Writing to his uncle in Sicily, the composer reported that "I shall earn almost twice as much as if I had composed for the Venetian impresario".
  • A good with an elasticity of −2 has elastic demand because quantity falls twice as much as the price increase; an elasticity of −0.5 has inelastic demand because the quantity response is half the price increase.
  • <blockquote>Computer performance increases as the square of the cost. If computer A costs twice as much as computer B, you should expect computer A to be four times as fast as computer B.).
  • The double bond is also stronger, 636 kJ mol&minus;1 versus 368 kJ mol&minus;1 but not twice as much as the pi-bond is weaker than the sigma bond due to less effective pi-overlap.
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