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uxorilocal {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'uxorilocal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

uxorilocal {adj}
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  • During the 16th century, medieval women gained new-found security as wives within virilocal systems, in contrast to the insecurity of Heian-period wives in uxorilocal and wifevisiting arrangements where women were easily abandoned by their spouses.
  • He states that tribes have been preferably endogamous, with uxorilocal postmarital residence.
  • They also follow a uxorilocal habitation, where the male moves into the household of the woman when they marry, as well as the man becoming a member of his wife's clan especially after the first child is born.
  • Among these people, bride service is frequently performed in conjunction with an interval of uxorilocal residence.
  • The Urarina customarily practice brideservice, uxorilocal patterns of post-nuptial residence, debt peonage and sororal polygyny.
  • The Matsigenka are uxorilocal, which means that the man moves to his wife who usually still live with her parents.
  • Each of these groupings tends to be uxorilocal. Marriages are typically polygynous, with partners somewhat related, or in some instances women are taken from nearby groups during raids.
  • The collectors noted that the tale type adapted and integrated into traditions of the country, becoming "a clan legend, an explanation for uxorilocal marriage, and a cautionary tale against polygamy".
  • Mukotorikon (婿取婚 むことりこん)refers to a system of uxorilocal marital structure in Japan, particularly in Japan's medieval period which was largely superseded by a system of patrilocal marriage, as some men became in charge of units "ie" or "za" following changes in society such as the decline of the "ritsuryo" system. ...
  • In social anthropology, matrilocal residence or matrilocality (also uxorilocal residence or uxorilocality) is the societal system in which a married couple resides with or near the wife's parents.
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