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to xerox® a lettereinen Brief vervielfältigen
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Übersetzung für 'xerox a letter' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to xerox® a letter
einen Brief vervielfältigen
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  • For instance, the Dynabook idea (presented by Alan Kay and the Xerox PARC) proposed a portable slate-like personal computer which could have been used in an office but which was really an extremely personal exploration tool, meant more to draw art, compose music or invent new algorithms than to write a business letter.
  • House Judiciary Committee wrote a letter to the Twitter board of directors requesting that company executives preserve all company records related to Musk's acquisition proposal.
  • The Diablo 630 could produce letter quality output as good as that produced by an IBM Selectric or Selectric-based printer, but at lower cost and double the speed.
  • Icahn and Deason responded with an open letter to shareholders blaming the board and management.
  • The printer is capable of letter-quality printing; that is, its print quality is equivalent to the quality of an IBM Selectric typewriter or printer, the de facto quality standard of the time.
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