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xerox paperKopierpapier {n}
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xerox paper
Kopierpapier {n}
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  • Gyricon is a type of electronic paper developed at the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center).
  • An early use of the word "client" occurs in "Separating Data from Function in a Distributed File System", a 1978 paper by Xerox PARC computer scientists Howard Sturgis, James Mitchell, and Jay Israel.
  • The concept of disassociating the executable from the icon representing an instruction to perform a task associated with that file or executable so that they may be grouped by function or task rather than physical organisation in the file structure was first described in the research paper "A Task Oriented Front End For The Windows Graphical User Interface", by Mike Roberts, published in 1991 by Kingston University and presented to both Microsoft and Xerox EuroPARC that same year under an academia/business technology sharing agreement.
  • The Xerox 914 was the first successful commercial plain paper copier.
  • Research on ambient devices began at Xerox Parc, with a paper co-written by Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown, entitled "Calm Computing".
  • This was touted in a 1981 paper where implementors from the Xerox Systems Development Department (then, the development arm of PARC), tuned up the instruction set and published a paper on the resultant code density.
  • "Xerox Book", 1968 - 100 iterative copies of a blank sheet of white paper on a Xerox 720, arranged in a book in the order they were created.
  • In March 2013, Domtar announced it was acquiring Xerox's US and Canadian Paper businesses and began being the exclusive seller and distributor of Xerox products as of June 1, 2013.
  • Toffler was hired by IBM to conduct research and write a paper on the social and organizational impact of computers, leading to his contact with the earliest computer "gurus" and artificial intelligence researchers and proponents. Xerox invited him to write about its research laboratory and AT&T consulted him for strategic advice.
  • The 914's success was not only due to its relative ease of use, its design (that, unlike competing copiers, carried no risk of damage to the original), and its low operating costs compared to other machines that required special paper; Haloid Xerox's decision to rent the 914—at the price of $25 per month, plus the cost of copies at four cents each with a minimum of $49 per month—made it vastly more affordable than a similar competing copier.
  • In the early 1980s, Xerox created a prototype laser printer engine and provided units to various computer companies.
  • The reason WIMP interfaces have become so prevalent since their conception at Xerox PARC is that they are very good at abstracting work-spaces, documents, and their actions.
  • DocuTech is the name given to a line of electronic production-publishing systems produced by Xerox Corporation.
  • The concept of developing a flexible display was first put forth by Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Company).
  • Lyon started working at Xerox PARC with George White under Lynn Conway to build custom microchips for speech processing and digital filtering.
  • The film continued the Xerox method of photocopying drawings onto animation cels that had been used in "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" (1961).
  • From 1995 to 2001, while working at Xerox PARC and later ICSI, he was an adjunct associate professor at the University of Southern California.
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