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fatalismo {noun}fatalism
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Translation for 'fatalism' from English to Esperanto

fatalismo {noun}
Usage Examples English
  • In "Twilight of the Idols" (see the quote above) and later in "The Antichrist" consisting in incomprehension of fatalism of life, i.e. the fact that it is shaped by higher forces.
  • His verse is written in the spirit of religious fatalism.
  • His works recast astrological concepts in psychological and energy terms, and reject what he perceives as the fatalism and negativity of old-fashioned astrology.
  • Badiou further argues that, in practical matters, Deleuze's monism entails an ascetic, aristocratic fatalism akin to ancient Stoicism.
  • It is often maintained that the impression of karma as the accumulation of a mountain of bad deeds looming over our heads without any recourse leads to fatalism.
  • Themes include misanthropy, introversion, teen violence, suicide, fatalism, and existentialism.
  • In another interpretation of this icon, the feminist scholar María Herrara-Sobek argues, "Adelita's bravery and revolutionary spirit are lost to the fatalism and insecurities of male soldiers who are focused on passions, love, and desire as they face combat".
  • Certain philosophers of science argue that, while causal determinism (in which everything including the brain/mind is subject to the laws of causality) is compatible with minds capable of science, fatalism and predestination is not.
  • Krullians are noted for their habitual nervousness and fatalism, the product of spending their lives overlooking a bottomless black abyss of infinity.
  • It can be linked to pessimism in psychology, and may sometimes be used synonymously with fatalism or determinism.
  • Stephen Dalton of "The Hollywood Reporter" wrote: "Feminism meets fatalism in this starkly beautiful Georgian melodrama".
  • Giorgi took her PhD in history from La Trobe University in 2012 with the thesis - "Saudade, lítost, hüzün: cultural identity and melancholic fatalism on the margins of Europe".
  • This intimate, gently comic, ironic and poetic meditation on individualism and fatalism is the third feature from Lefebvre, the first to win him international praise, and is one of his most appealing.
  • The novel deals with a number of philosophical and political issues such as repressive societies, fatalism, and the search for meaning in life.
  • Diallo denounced political fatalism. He died on March 14, 2004, in Paris at the age of 68 years from a cardiac arrest.
  • In summary, fatalism, the belief that all outcomes are predestined or fated to occur, is an irresponsible belief espoused by those who refuse to acknowledge that their own sinfulness has caused the hardships of their lives.
  • Straughan has researched on cancer and fatalism, marriage, parenthood and ageing population, and public cleanliness in Singapore.
  • He published in January 2013 an article in the "Revue défense nationale" : "Entre tentation du repli et fatalisme du déclin : l’Europe face à ses responsabilités" ("Between the temptation of retreat and the fatalism of decline : Europe facing its responsibilities").
  • As a professor and investor, Edmunds has always sought to shatter fatalism in working to ensure that people born into poverty can rise above their station particularly in regions where economic ascension is not easily attained.
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