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NOUN1   an authority | authorities
NOUN2   authority | -
SYNO agency | assurance | authorisation | ...
autorité {f}authority
habilitation {f}authority
instance {f} [politique, juridique]authority
délégation {f}
autorisation {f}authority [permission]
2 Words: Nouns
symbole {m} de l'autoritéauthority figure
instance {f} supérieure
higher authority
instance {f} suprême
highest authority
autorité {f} judiciaire
judicial authority
pouvoir {m} limité
limited authority
collectivité {f} locale
local authority [Br.]
autorité {f} parentale
parental authority
autorité {f} portuaire
port authority
force {f} publique
state authority
puissance {f} publique
state authority
3 Words: Others
hors d'autorité {adj}having no authority
sans autorité {adv}with no authority
3 Words: Verbs
agir avec autoritéto act with authority
affirmer son autoritéto assert one's authority
saper l'autorité de erode sb.'s authority
exercer son autorité sur exercise authority over sb.
donner mandat à qn.
to give sb. (legal) authority
avoir une autorité sur have authority over sb.
avoir de l'autorité sur have authority over sb.
avoir prise sur qn./ have authority over sb./sth.
faire acte d'autoritéto impose one's authority
faire preuve d'autoritéto show one's authority
3 Words: Nouns
abus {m} d'autoritéabuse of authority
excès {m} de pouvoir
abuse of authority
déchéance {f} de l'autorité
deprivation of authority
carence {f} d'autoritélack of authority
employé {m} municipal
local authority employee [Br.]
employée {f} municipale
local authority employee [female] [Br.]
académie {f} [zone scolaire]
Local Educational Authority [Br.]
crise {f} de l'autoritéloss of authority
responsable {f}person in authority [female]
responsable {m}person in authority [male]
habilitation {f}power of authority
4 Words: Verbs
se ranger sous l'autorité de abide by sb.'s authority
être une autorité sur be an authority on sth.
faire autorité en (matière de) be an authority on sth.
être sous l'autorité de be under sb.'s authority
faire sentir son autorité à make sb. feel one's authority
4 Words: Nouns
reconnaissance {f} de l'autorité de qn.acknowledgement of sb.'s authority
force {f} publique
authority of the state
puissance {f} publique
authority of the state
5+ Words: Verbs
faire autorité [personne]to be accepted as an authority
plier devant l'autorité du chefto yield to the leader's authority
5+ Words: Nouns
autorité {f} mondiale sur le sujetworld authority on the subject
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Translation for 'authority' from English to French

autorité {f}

habilitation {f}

instance {f} [politique, juridique]

délégation {f}adm.dr.
authority [permission]
autorisation {f}

authority figure
symbole {m} de l'autorité
higher authority
instance {f} supérieuredr.pol.
highest authority
instance {f} suprêmedr.pol.
judicial authority
autorité {f} judiciaireadm.dr.
limited authority
pouvoir {m} limitépol.
local authority [Br.]
collectivité {f} localeadm.pol.
parental authority
autorité {f} parentalesociol.
port authority
autorité {f} portuaireadm.naut.
state authority
force {f} publiqueadm.

puissance {f} publiqueadm.dr.pol.

having no authority
hors d'autorité {adj}
with no authority
sans autorité {adv}

to act with authority
agir avec autorité
to assert one's authority
affirmer son autorité
to erode sb.'s authority
saper l'autorité de qn.
to exercise authority over sb.
exercer son autorité sur qn.
to give sb. (legal) authority
donner mandat à qn.dr.
to have authority over sb.
avoir une autorité sur qn.

avoir de l'autorité sur qn.
to have authority over sb./sth.
avoir prise sur qn./qc.
to impose one's authority
faire acte d'autorité
to show one's authority
faire preuve d'autorité

abuse of authority
abus {m} d'autorité

excès {m} de pouvoirdr.
deprivation of authority
déchéance {f} de l'autoritédr.
lack of authority
carence {f} d'autorité
local authority employee [Br.]
employé {m} municipaloccup.
local authority employee [female] [Br.]
employée {f} municipaleoccup.
Local Educational Authority [Br.]
académie {f} [zone scolaire]adm.éduc.
loss of authority
crise {f} de l'autorité
person in authority [female]
responsable {f}
person in authority [male]
responsable {m}
power of authority
habilitation {f}

to abide by sb.'s authority
se ranger sous l'autorité de qn.
to be an authority on sth.
être une autorité sur qc.

faire autorité en (matière de) qc.
to be under sb.'s authority
être sous l'autorité de qn.
to make sb. feel one's authority
faire sentir son autorité à qn.

acknowledgement of sb.'s authority
reconnaissance {f} de l'autorité de qn.
authority of the state
force {f} publiqueadm.

puissance {f} publiqueadm.dr.pol.

to be accepted as an authority
faire autorité [personne]
to yield to the leader's authority
plier devant l'autorité du chef

world authority on the subject
autorité {f} mondiale sur le sujet
Usage Examples English
  • On 1 April 2012, TELA merged with Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority and Office of the Telecommunications Authority to create a new authority, the Communications Authority.
  • Authority: Many positions bear authority, yet any sort of negative pressure, fear, insecurity or disrespect caused by exploiting authority is intolerable.
  • Delegated authority is an authority obtained from another that has authority since the authority does not naturally exist.
  • The authority will be bifurcated into Pakistan Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority and the Pakistan Airports Authority as per National Aviation Policy 2019.
  • It is customary to speak of a threefold office of the Church: the office of teaching (prophetic office), the priestly office and the pastoral office (governing office), and therefore of the threefold authority of the Church: the teaching authority, ministerial authority and ruling authority.
  • Where conflicts exist between various sources of tax authority, an authority in Tier 1 outweighs an authority in Tier 2 or 3. Similarly, an authority in Tier 2 outweighs an authority in Tier 3.
  • According to Weber, authority is power accepted as legitimate by those subjected to it.
  • This fallacy is used when a person appeals to a false authority as evidence for a claim. These fallacious arguments from authority are the result of citing a non-authority as an authority.
  • An agent who acts within the scope of authority conferred by their principal binds the principal in the obligations they create against third parties.
  • Brevard Family of Housing is a US not-for-profit housing authority founded in 2008, as an umbrella organization for the Cocoa Housing Authority, Melbourne Housing Authority, and the Brevard County Housing Authority.
  • 3) Giving an agent express authority to undertake a certain act also includes the implied authority to do all things proper, usual, and necessary to exercise that express authority.
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