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NOUN   a backfire | backfires
VERB   to backfire | backfired | backfired
backfiring | backfires
SYNO backfire | blowback | boomerang | ...
to backfire
pétarade {f}backfire
revenir qn. en boomerangto backfire on sb.
se retourner contre qn. [situation]to backfire on sb.
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Usage Examples English
  • "Casper's attempts to help Mantha win a scaring competition backfire. Meanwhile Alder and Dash try to get into the competition.
  • A design contest or other co-creation event may backfire and lead to negative word of mouth if the expectations of the participants are not met.
  • "Friday the 13th": Arnold and Gerald try to prove superstitions are fictitious, only for it all to backfire on them.
  • Short backfire antennas are able to achieve high aperture efficiencies, at right cavity size even beyond 100%.
  • However, car communities around the United States have begun to organize events surrounded around the byproduct of launch control systems, this byproduct is usually called a backfire.
  • Cars with sports exhausts (both factory-fitted and aftermarket) are much more likely to backfire.
  • Mercury-arc valves are prone to an effect called "arc-back" (or "backfire"), whereby the valve conducts in the reverse direction when the voltage across it is negative.
  • The gag of Bugs Bunny refixing his opponents gun so it will literally backfire is seen in 1957 Pre-Hysterical Hare.
  • All of the paintbrush's creations are starting to backfire, and the paintbrush is still missing.
  • "Themes Explored": How satire with the aim of social protest can backfire.
  • The show follows Ben Phillips and his circle of friends playing a prank on his long-suffering brother Elliot Giles, only for it to backfire.
  • The car has a tendency to backfire constantly when making up-shifts and downshifts.
  • Susan Fowler writes, "Beware that such strategies reverse psychology can backfire. Children can sense manipulation a mile away." She instead recommends leading by example.
  • Scholars have debated whether fact-checking could lead to a "backfire effect" whereby correcting false information may make partisan individuals cling more strongly to their views.
  • After Suzanne witnesses an intimate moment between the two, feeling jealous and threatened, she tries to sabotage the budding romance only for it to backfire.
  • "The Debunking Handbook", 2020, explains that "backfire effects occur only occasionally and the risk of occurrence is lower in most situations than once thought".
  • "Heinous vs. Clown": Jimmy, Beezy, Heloise, and Lucius all pull pranks on the clowns that ultimately backfire.
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