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  • The tank is an all terrain AFV incorporating artillery which is designed to fill almost all battlefield roles and to engage enemy forces by the use of direct fire in the frontal assault role.
  • Some farms in the south have fairly extensive very simple roads for all-terrain vehicles (not included in the above figures), used for sheep farming and hay collection.
  • It is used by walkers and bicyclists as well as occasional all-terrain vehicles.
  • A number of businesses catering to all-terrain vehicles have opened in Reedsport to serve the needs of this growing activity.
  • and an all-terrain electric wheelchair known as the iBOT, using many of the same gyroscopic balancing technologies that later made their way into the Segway.

  • It is an extremely popular summer destination for off-road and All-Terrain Vehicles.
  • In 1986, Schumacher Racing Products released their CAT (Competition All Terrain) vehicle, widely considered the best four wheel drive off-road "buggy" racer of the time.
  • They are also commonly used in snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) continuously variable transmissions (CVT), both to engage/disengage vehicle motion and to vary the transmission's pulley diameter ratio in relation to the engine revolutions per minute.
  • Unimogs are available with short wheelbases for implement carrier operations or long wheelbases for all-terrain cargo carrying operations.
  • The difference may be little more than fitting all-terrain tires instead of sand tires and the much smaller size of the engine.

  • Such terms as off-road vehicle (ORV), four-wheeling, all-terrain vehicle, and others actually have highly specific meanings.
  • , three-day all terrain, human-powered sculpture race and county wide event.
  • The rider is usually towed by a rope behind a boat, but can also be towed by cable systems and winches, and be pulled by other motorized vehicles like personal watercraft, cars, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles.
  • is the manufacturer of the vehicle family all-terrain and high mobility (HMMWV) Tiuna, manufactured in serious to the Venezuelan armed forces, and donated in small quantities to Governments of the ALBA as Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia.
  • Because they can produce thrust on both land and water, they are commonly used on all-terrain vehicles.

  • However, all were restricted to rails or reasonably passable terrain.
  • Lincoln's Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing is the only Kawasaki plant in the world to produce the Jet Ski, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and MULE product lines. The facility employs more than 1,200 people.
  • In February 2013, Land Rover unveiled at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show an All-Terrain Electric Defender that produces zero emissions.
  • on all terrain, with 4 or 5 battens in between. However, many farmers place posts [...] apart as battens can bend, causing wires to close in on one another.
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