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visionary [unable to tell what's real]Fantast {m} [pej.]
Mr. ... wozzizname? [sl.] [what's his name]
Herr ... wie heißt er noch?
to be froody [sl.] [know exactly what's what] wissen, wo der Frosch die Locken hat [ugs.] [hum.] [Redewendung]
rubber-necker [Am.] [coll.] [somebody craning their neck to see what's going on]Gaffer {m} [ugs.]
What are you getting at? [what's your point?]
Worauf willst du hinaus?
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  • "It's weird because you don't (enjoy the moment) whilst you're doing it. You don't realise how much you're enjoying yourself sometimes. I really try and stop myself in my tracks now and say 'look what you've achieved, look what you've just done, look what you're doing'. I really try and do that, because if you don't, you're always focusing on what's next rather than what's just happened. When we played our tour in May 2006 and we did the five Brixton Academy gigs I remember at the time I was so amazingly tired and shattered I enjoyed it, but it was really hard work. Now I can look back and think what a f__ laugh. It does take a while for it to sink in before you can look back and really enjoy yourselves.
  • Dr. Drew debunks or confirms a variety of sexual myths, with the help of guests Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Lionel Tiger. They explore some misconceptions about sex and what's behind those beliefs, and they also reveal what the truth actually is.
  • Features artists whose work tackles the "big questions." Richard Foreman has been creating experimental theater since the 1960s, based on the premise that life makes no sense. David Wilson's Museum of Jurassic Technology is a modern-day cabinet of wonders, challenging ideas of what's real, what's not, and what a museum can be. Andy Goldsworthy's art explores the mysteries of nature and the beauty of life's impermanence.
  • Members meet monthly at pubs in the centre and outside London and begin the evening by having an impartial rounding up the current affairs of the last month. Then all participants may take turns to have their own five minutes on the podium expressing their views as to what, what's not, and what not on any subjects they feel they would like to bring to the evening. It may be reactions to the previous speakers or their own topics.
  • Dungy also published a 96-page paperback called "Quiet Strength: Men's Bible Study" on July 18, 2007. Dungy challenged men to answer six questions: What's my game plan? What's my strength? What's success? Where's my security? What's my significance? And, what's my legacy? The book is aimed specifically at men, including those who may not otherwise be interested in spiritual matters.

  • What they're (he is?) doing is publishing Matt Roar's book of skate poetry "My War", and the collaborative book by Felicity Fenton and Drew Burk "Elegy for My Art Monster", and seeing what's what. What's what "now." Does it matter whether or not you're doing things "correctly"? That's the main issue at play with Spork in 2022. Ought they do things correctly? Drew thinks no.
  • The Milton Ironworks was on the site of what is now the Forge Playing Field. Remains include what's left of the blast wall, a bank running across the field, and furnace ponds by The Furnace pub.
  • All of these audits can form a part of the same audit. Each one is made to make sure that you have powerful and reliable system in place. It shows the unidentified dangers that can bring you down, tells what needs to change and what's working well and what's not good, and gives practical recommendations and insights into what need to prioritize more. All website audits start with site health audits.
  • "Grey' is about attempting to see what's actually unfolding around you instead of seeing what you have decided is there," said Kensrue.
  • The flashback ends and the fox ends his story with "And that's what's bitin' me. That's what!" In a show of support, the crows drop down and finish destroying the radio.

  • Titley initiated the Navy's Task Force on Climate Change, and serves on the CNA Corporation's Military Advisory Board. He was formerly agnostic about climate change, but later changed his mind after looking at the evidence of what factors influence climate–which are, according to Titley, "what are the larger things doing – what is the ocean doing? What is the sun doing? And what's our atmosphere doing?" Since then, he has described climate change as "one of the driving forces in the 21st century" and said that it contributed to the 2011 Arab Spring.
  • There are many different ways to "train" the children diagnosed with Pediatric Brain Injury. The training mainly tests their brain, to see exactly what's wrong with the patient, and what areas need to be focused on for improvement.
  • When editing, Lowery focused on what happened rather than how it happened, considering what's happening in the scene to be more important than how it happened, and choosing the cuts accordingly.
  • Another later addition to witch skills, established in "Maskerade", but first named in the Aching books, is First Sight—seeing what's really there instead of what you hope to, expect to, or what others see—and Second Thoughts—thinking about the way you're thinking.
  • A political party boss in Wyoming must decide to either do what's right and lose the election or do what's wrong and win it.

  • A greater influence is what's known as the "Parent Child" relationship in animation. The "Parent Child" relationship is what governs the rotational relationship between rings.
  • A Maverick Heart Between Love And Life is a 2013 novel written by Ravindra Shukla. Ravindra Shukla is a graduate of IIT-Bombay. The book is based on the real life events; and what happened at the IIT campus while he was studying, what happened in the US corporate world (both Wall Street and Silicon Valley) and what's happening now in India, the current social-political revolution led by the youth.
  • The 2010 01SJ Biennial occurred September 16–19, 2010 and is themed "Build Your Own World", which posits that the future is not about what's next; it's about what we can build to ensure that what's next matters.
  • The Mishnah taught that some viewed the people of Sodom as embracing a philosophy of "what's mine is mine." The Mishnah taught that there are four types of people: (1) One who says: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is yours"; this is a neutral type, some say this was the type of Sodom. (2) One who says: "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine"; this is an unlearned person. (3) One who says: "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is yours"; this is a pious person. And (4) one who says: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine;" this is a wicked person.
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