Übersetzung für '°Bx' von Englisch nach Deutsch
B double sharp <Bx>
Hisis {n}
degree Brix <°Bx>
Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix>
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Übersetzung für '°Bx' von Englisch nach Deutsch

B double sharp <Bx>
Hisis {n}mus.
degree Brix <°Bx>
Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix>oenol.unit
  • Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix> = degree Brix <°Bx>
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  • White Zinfandel is normally harvested early at 20°Bx when the grapes have yet to develop much varietal character, though some examples can develop hints of tobacco and apple skin.
  • PSA launched of the all-new Xantia, a five-door large family hatchback that replaces the 11-year-old BX although the estate version wouldn't launch until late 1995 and the BX estate continued until July 1994.
  • The captain of the "BX" was Owen Forrester Browne, an experienced Fraser River pilot. By the time he took command of the "BX" in 1910, he was already well known in the area, as he had been the captain of the local sternwheeler "Charlotte".
  • BX Swiss (formerly Berne eXchange, abbreviated: BX) is a Swiss stock exchange operated by BX Swiss AG (formerly Berner Börsenverein). It has its main office in Zurich and is subject to the supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).
  • Raijin-Oh, once again, is included in the Super Robot Wars series in "Super Robot Wars OE" and "Super Robot Wars BX". BX is notable to be the first time Raijin-Oh appeared in a 2D Super Robot Wars game.

  • Related drugs include pentafluranol (BX-430) and terfluranol (BX-428), which are also estrogens.
  • BX-C is the first in a series of planned Shield-X wearable devices. BX-C is a cap infused with the Shield-X membrane to provide a convenient armor against the sharp twisting of the brain. BX-C has been engineered to be thin, fitting snuggly underneath a helmet. Its durable, flexible materials make it reusable and machine washable.
  • In computer programming, bidirectional transformations (bx) are programs in which a single piece of code can be run in several ways, such that the same data are sometimes considered as input, and sometimes as output. For example, a bx run in the forward direction might transform input I into output O, while the same bx run backward would take as input versions of I and O and produce a new version of I as its output.
  • The military end of the airport complex has also been mentioned as the best relocation site for the region's Base Exchange (BX), operated by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). The 2008 scheduled closing of the nearby Charles E. Kelley Support Facility and its Post Exchange (PX) brought PIT the opportunity to host the new BX facility on its military side.
  • Since the Bx-tree is an index built on top of a B+ tree index, all operations in the Bx-tree, including the insertion, deletion and search, are the same as those in the B+ tree. There is no need to change the implementations of these operations. The only difference is to implement the procedure of deriving the indexing key as a stored procedure in an existing DBMS. Therefore, the Bx-tree can be easily integrated into existing DBMS without touching the kernel.

  • Setting "a"="bi" where "i" is the imaginary unit, and applying Euler's identity, one sees that the Weierstrass transform of the function cos("bx") is "e"&minus;"b"2 cos("bx") and the Weierstrass transform of the function sin("bx") is "e"&minus;"b"2 sin("bx").
  • She was built at Soda Creek in late 1909 and early 1910, downstream from where the BC Express Company were building "BX". A friendly rivalry quickly developed between the two construction camps and as soon as "Chilcotin" [...] s builders learned that "BX" was going to be [...] wider than "Chilcotin", they teased the workers from the other camp, saying that "BX" would never fit through the narrow channels of the Cottonwood and Fort George canyons and called her the "White Elephant". This rumor spread far past the town of Soda Creek and soon the employees of the BC Express Company found themselves being consoled by their friends and associates for "having built a dud". However, "BX" proved to be a far superior craft and "Chilcotin", was never much competition to her.
  • In 2020, J.S. Kuster departed from Snowgoons and then started to go by the name Tengo and formed a duo rap group with the German rapper named BX under the name “Tengo & BX”.
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