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à la française {adj} {adv}auf französische Art
à la française {adj} {adv}im französischen Stil
à la Française {adj} {adv} [also: à la Francaise] [postpos.]
à la française [nachgestellt] [geh.] [veraltend]
la-la land [Am.] [coll.] [dream land]La-La-Land {n} [Traumland]
to be in la-la land [coll.] [fig.]weggetreten sein [ugs.] [fig.]
à la {prep}à la
à la {prep}alla [à la]
à la jardinière {adv}
nach Gärtnerinart
à la mode {adj}
in Wein geschmort
à la carte {adj} {adv}
à la carte
à la mode {adj} {adv}
à la russe {adj} {adv}
auf russische Art
à la jardinière {adv}
mit Gartengemüse [nach Gärtnerinart]
à la maison {adj} {adv}
nach Art des Hauses
à la mode {adj} {adv} [obs.]
à la mode [veraltet]
à la mode {adj} [Am.] [postpos.]
mit Eis [Eiscreme]
à la king {adj} [usually postpos.]
à la king [gewürfelt, z. B. Huhn, in Sahnesoße mit Pilzen und meist roten Paprika]
la-la land [sl.][Reich der Märchen und Fantasie]
la-la land [sl.][Spitzname für Los Angeles und Hollywood]
à la suite {prep} [in the entourage]
à la suite [im Gefolge]
beef à la mode [bœuf à la mode]
Rinderschmorbraten {m}
à la zingara {adv} [also: à la singara] [gypsy style] [garnish or sauce (French cuisine)]
nach Zigeunerart [fachspr.: à la zingara]
crème française [rare for: crème anglaise / crème à l'anglaise]
englische Creme {f}
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  • à la française [nachgestellt] [geh.] [veraltend] = à la Française [also: à la Francaise] [postpos.]
  • à la = à la
  • à la carte = à la carte
  • à la Israel [nachgestellt] = Israeli style
  • à la longue [bildungsspr.] = in the long term
  • Mord à la Carte = Thirteen at Dinner [Lou Antonio]
  • à la longue [bildungsspr.] = in the long run
  • à la mode [veraltet] = à la mode [obs.]
  • à la dijonnaise [mit Dijonsenf] = with Dijon mustard
  • à la suite [im Gefolge] = à la suite [in the entourage]
  • À la bonne heure! [geh.] [Recht so! Bravo!] = Well done.
  • Ausrede {f} à la "der Hund hat meine Hausaufgaben gefressen" = dog-ate-my-homework excuse
  • à la king [gewürfelt, z. B. Huhn, in Sahnesoße mit Pilzen und meist roten Paprika] = à la king [usually postpos.]
  • Académie française {f} = French Academy
  • La-La-Land {n} [Traumland] = la-la land [Am.] [coll.] [dream land]
  • Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises {pl} <T.A.A.F.> = French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  • am angegebenen Ort <a. a. O.> = loco citato <loc. cit.>
  • am angeführten Ort <a. a. O.> = at the place already cited <loc. cit.> [loco citato]
  • A-priori-a-posteriori-Unterscheidung {f} = a priori-a posteriori distinction
  • a conto <a c.> = on account [payment]
  • andere Auffassung {f} <a. A.> = different interpretation
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • She later wrote passionately about the change from "service à la française" to "service à la russe" and hailed Escoffier as a saviour of British cooking.
  • The term dates from the 14th century but attained its current meaning around the beginning of the 20th century, when "service à la française" (setting a variety of dishes on the table at the same time) was replaced with "service à la russe" (presenting a meal in multiple courses).
  • The palace is in a restrained Baroque style, surrounded by extensive gardens in the formal Jardin à la française style with sculptural fountains.
  • The objective was to bring some charm "à la française" to the market of men's magazines, following the success of "Playboy" in the United States, launched just a decade before.
  • He is also credited with introducing Russian-style "service à la russe" to France, where it replaced the previous "service à la française".

  • In "service à la française", food is served "family-style", with all courses on the table at the same time.
  • This period also saw the old practice of dressing the dinner table with every dish at once ("service à la française") superseded by the new practice of separate courses at meal time ("service à la russe)", each "entrée" entering from the kitchens with an air of ceremony.
  • According to Monsieur Fichot's descendants, the arbour was designed by Le Nôtre, famous landscape architect, who created "Garden à la française" in the 17th century.
  • Formal dinners were served "à la française" from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, but in modern times it has been largely supplanted by "service à la russe" in restaurants.
  • He was one of the early theorists of the new and more formal garden à la française, and he laid out a series of squares along an east–west alley closed at the east end by the Medici Fountain, and a rectangle of parterres with broderies of flowers and hedges in front of the palace.

  • The Garden à la française, or Baroque French gardens, was in the tradition of André Le Nôtre.
  • The Grand Carré (Large Square) is the eastern, open part of the Tuilieries garden, close to the Louvre, which still follows the formal plan of the Garden à la française created by André Le Nôtre in the 17th century.
  • A table setting in Western countries is mainly in one of two styles: "service à la russe" (French for "in the Russian style"), where each course of the meal is brought out in specific order; and "service à la française" (French for "in the French style"), where all the courses for the meal are arranged on the table and presented at the same time that guests are seated.
  • For example, the Van Dyke collar is so-called from its appearances in 17th century portraits by Anthony van Dyck, and the Watteau pleats of the "robe á la française" are called after their appearance in the portraits of Antoine Watteau.
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