Übersetzung für 'د.ت' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Tunisian dinar <TND, DT, د.ت>
Tunesischer Dinar {m} <TND, DT, د.ت>
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Übersetzung für 'د.ت' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Tunisian dinar <TND, DT, د.ت>
Tunesischer Dinar {m} <TND, DT, د.ت>curr.
  • Tunesischer Dinar {m} <TND, DT, د.ت> = Tunisian dinar <TND, DT, د.ت>
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  • The Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow (Persian: سفارت کبرای جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان در مسكو/ Pashto:په مسکو کې د افغانستان د اسلامي جمهوریت لوی سفارت) is the diplomatic mission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the Russian Federation. It is located at 42 Povarskaya Street (...) in the Arbat district of Moscow. Following the fall of the country to the Taliban in August 2021, the embassy remained in operation as a representative of the Islamic Republic, until the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited Taliban appointee Jamal Nasir Gharwal as charge d'affaires on 9 April 2022.
  • In 1966, Ali Khalifa el-Zaidi (علي خليفة الزائدي) was awarded the Bronze Wolf, the only distinction of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, awarded by the World Scout Committee for exceptional services to world Scouting. Other recipients include Dr. Mansour Mohamed El-Kikhia (د. منصور الكيخيا) in 1981 and in 1983, Dr. Mohamed H. Fhema (د. محمد افحيمه).
  • مک کامي انتارا کدوا فيهق اکن مڽراهکن فرکارا اين کفد اختيار دان فيکران باوه دولي کوين فوڽ کنسيل جنرال د نݢري بروني.
  • All originally Turkmen words that have the sound "t" are to be written using ت. The letter ط, while being pronounced identically, is solely used for writing loanwords.
  • "Three Songs for Benazir (دری سندری د بینظیر لپاره)" is an Academy Award nominated 2021 Afghan-American documentary short film by Elizabeth Mirzaei and Gulistan Mirzaei.

  • Malalay Institute of Higher Education (Pashto:ملالۍ د لوړو زده کړو مؤسسه / Persian:مؤسسه تحصیلات عالی ملالی) is a private university established in 2012 located in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
  • D,Kr Music (Persian: دِ،کُر موزیک) is a traditional pop duo founded by brothers Hamed and Tohid Kazemi in 2016 in Tehran, Iran.
  • "International Cooperative" is defined as international organizations such as the UN, or the African Union. Moroccan International cooperative license plates have a yellow background and show in the left margin the letters "CI" for "Coopération Internationale" and "Maroc". The other side of the plate shows "ت د" and"المغرب"in Arabic script."ت د" stands for "تعاونية الدولية", meaning "international Cooperative". Between these two blocks, two pairs of numbers appear.
  • Mohamed Fakhry Elrawi Aboutaha (Arabic: د. محمد فخري الراوي ابوطه, June 22, 1935 – June 6, 2012) was an Egyptian Public Administration scholar and professor.
  • Dr Pierre Khabbaz (د. بيار خباز) of the Lebanese University published a study of his works in 1998 (سعيد فياض شاعرا - دراسة جمالية نفسية).

  • The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief - ACBAR - (Pashto: د افغانانو د پاره د مرستو د انسجام اداره‎ / Persian: اداره هماهنگی کمک ها برای افغان ها‎) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was created to coordinate NGOs involved with humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan and for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
  • If the actor, if expressed, will most likely appear in an adpositional phrase governed by the circumposition د ...له خوا /də...lə xwā/ or د...له لورې /də...lə lure/.
  • "Achmat" is the fairly standard transliteration used by South Africa's Muslim community, and its pronunciation shows evidence of the influence of Afrikaans: the <ch> which represents ح [...] is pronounced as an Afrikaans <g> [...] (i.e. closer to the Arabic خ); and the د [...] is realised as a [...] (closer to the Arabic ت) which follows Afrikaans Final-obstruent devoicing principles.
  • The dinar ([...] " [...] ") (sign: .د.ب or BD; code: BHD) is the currency of Bahrain. It is divided into 1000 fils (فلس). The Bahraini dinar is abbreviated د.ب (Arabic) or "BD" (Latin). It is usually represented with three decimal places denoting the fils.
  • Fengdeng ([...] , Xiao'erjing: فٍْ‌دٍْ جٍ‎) is a town under the administration of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan, Ningxia, China. [...] , it has 8 villages under its administration.

  • The following shows a paradigm of a typical Form I doubled verb (مد (يمد (root: م-د-د) " [...] " 'to extend', parallel to verbs of the (فعل (يفعل " [...] " type. See notes following the table for explanation.
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