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kilonewton <kN>
Kilonewton {n} <kN>
knots <kn, kts>
Knoten {pl} <kn>
knot <kn, kt>
Knoten {m} <kn>
Knudsen number <Kn>
Knudsen-Zahl {f} <Kn>
Saint Kitts and Nevis <.kn>
St. Kitts und Nevis {n}
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  • Kilonewton {n} <kN> = kilonewton <kN>
  • Knoten {pl} <kn> = knots <kn, kts>
  • Knoten {m} <kn> = knot <kn, kt>
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  • The earliest versions, developed in 1965, had a sea-level thrust of about 190 kN. By 1971, the thrust had improved to 540 kN, with resulting engine named Viking 1 and adopted for the Ariane program. The engine first flown on the Ariane 1 rocket in 1979 was Viking 2, with thrust further improved to 611 kN.
  • In cryptography, KN-Cipher is a block cipher created by Kaisa Nyberg and Lars Knudsen in 1995. One of the first ciphers designed to be provably secure against ordinary differential cryptanalysis, KN-Cipher was later broken using higher order differential cryptanalysis.
  • In 2018, in Italy, the Vaia Storm, causes frequent gusts of around 55 kn the whole peninsula with peaks of 128 kn in the alpine areas, leading to the fall of 14 million trees.
  • Among the many vehicles and devices that contain a Kearfott built Inertial Navigation Unit (INU), is the Northrop-built Global Hawk. The KN-4072 and the KN-4074 are the preferred MRLG (Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro) units for Northrop's Global Hawk. The KN-4072a and the KN-4074 are based upon the KN-4071 design series, with a few key differences, most noticeably their enclosures and interfaces.
  • It had a thrust increasing from 6.2 kN (Monica I) to 8.2 kN (Monica V) and a burn time of about five seconds. Melanie was later used in several ATEF and ONERA rockets. In the ONERA rockets, such as Daniel, Antares and Berenice, Melanie was placed inside a 22 cm diameter cylindrical housing. This version delivered a total impulse of 48 kN.s with about 22 kilograms of propellant.

  • The WSSRC Nautical Mile record for kitesurfing was originally set in Walvis Bay, Namibia in 2005 by Dirk Hanel (GER) at 35.44 kn, and broken again in 2006 by Rob Munro (GB) at Walvis Bay, 35.65 kn. Munro remains the current world speedsailing record holder for kitesurfing over the nautical mile. Aurelia Herpin (FRA) holds the women's record of 29.83 kn.
  • There are also combined single/double mass systems where the falling weight and middle weight can be locked together giving 150 kN short pulse. In unlocked mode the FWD works as a double mass system giving 50 kN long pulse.
  • .kn is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is administered by the University of Puerto Rico, Central Administration.
  • In August 2021, commander of United States Northern Command Glen D. VanHerck stated that the "KN-28 missile has a much larger capability, and the total number of missiles tends to increase." This suggests that Hwasong-17 is designated as KN-28, not the KN-27.
  • Flight version of the TEPREL engine to be used in the Miura 5 rocket. Initially it was expected to produce 105.5 kN of thrust at sea level. Later expected thrust was increased to 190 kN.

  • The missile possibly derives from the OTR-21 Tochka/KN-02 Toksa, which has a similarly sized motor, at 62 cm diameter. Connecting three such motor segments would result in a length similar to that of the KN-25 rocket. The KN-25 is likely an indigenous project, as media coverage of this missile emphasis its research, using words such as 'Juche projectiles' to describe it, unlike the KN-23.
  • Extended range Hwasong-11/KN-02 is referred to as KN-10. It is expected that range of the missile is greater than 230 kilometers.
  • KN-62 blocks the combination of CaM and CaMK II by binding directly to the calmodulin binding site of the enzyme, disenables CaMK II's autophosphorylation, consequently leading inactivation. Kinetic analysis exhibits that this inhibitory effect of KN-62 is competitive with respect to calmodulin. Since KN-62 binds to the calmodulin binding site of CaMK II, KN-62 doesn't inhibit activity of autophosphorylated CaMK II.
  • It has the same thrust rating as the PS-90A, 16000 kgf (157 kN, 35,300 lbf) thrust. It is also capable of 18000 kgf (176 kN, 39,600 lbf) thrust.
  • The KN-08 Mod 2 was originally referred to by Western sources as the "Hwasong-14". However, analysts now believe that the missile was inaccurately designated. The KN-08 Mod 2 missile from 2015, which has never been test fired, is now referred to as the KN-14.

  • The KN-2 and KN-3 models shared the common airframe of the KN-1, though they were upgraded with more powerful 300 and 425 horsepower engines. The KN-3 also had an open-place cockpit in back of the cabin, allowing the seating of one additional passenger inside. Art Goebel, a pilot famous for winning the 1928 Dole Air Race from San Diego to Hawaii, was to have a larger custom built KN-4 to race around the world.
  • The safe load for each prop depends upon the size and extension of the prop. Size 1, 2 and 3 props can take about 34 kN unextended, dropping progressively to less than half of that when fully extended. Size 0 props can take at least 23 kN, whereas size 4 props at most 20 kN dropping to 7 kN at their maximum extension. Props must be loaded concentrically, i.e. vertically for simple weights, to within 25mm.
  • Currently, North Korea is also working on land based nuclear deterrents that are of Intercontinental range, such as KN-08, KN-14 (Upgraded version of KN-08). It is also working a sea-based nuclear deterrent, such as Pukkuksong-1 SLBM.
  • KN Integrated Logistics includes 4PL Management, Supplier & Inventory Management, Aftermarket Management and Supply Chain Technology. KN Integrated Logistics acts as the single point of contact with full operational responsibility with focus on supply-chain integration.
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