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password <pw>Passwort {n} <PW>
petawatt <PW>
Petawatt {n} <PW>
Palau <.pw>
Palau {n}
picowatt <pW>
Picowatt {n} <pW>
2 Wörter
projection welding <PW> [short] [resistance projection welding]
Buckelschweißung {f} [kurz für: Widerstandsbuckelschweißung]
pulse width <PW>
Pulsdauer {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulsweite {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulslänge {f}
pulse width <PW>
Pulsbreite {f}
pulse width <PW>
Impulslänge {f}
pulse width <PW>
Impulsbreite {f} <IB>
pulsed wave <pw, PW>
gepulste Welle {f} <pw, PW>
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  • Passwort {n} <PW> = password <pw>
  • Petawatt {n} <PW> = petawatt <PW>
  • Picowatt {n} <pW> = picowatt <pW>
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  • From 1926, the MB-3A started to be replaced by the Curtiss PW-8 and Boeing PW-9 fighters. A number of aircraft were refurbished and used as MB-3M advanced trainers at Kelly Field, remaining in use until 1929.
  • The PW-5 has a two-seater derivative, the PW-6.
  • On September 22, 2011, "PW" began a series of weekly podcasts: "Beyond the Book: PW's Week Ahead".
  • The country code top-level domain .pw was delegated to the Pacific island nation of Palau in 1997.
  • PW Tel was first noticed to vary in brightness in observations taken in 1978 by Pierre Renson. The star was confirmed to be variable and was given the variable star designation PW Telescopii in 1981. Further observations by Jean Manfroid in 1985 improved earlier data, including the star's period. PW Tel is an α2 CVn variable that has an amplitude of 0.011 magnitudes within the visual passband and a period of 2.92 days.

  • The Prudden-Whitehead monoplane (sometimes referred to as the Atlanta PW-1, PW-2 or the Prudden monoplane) is an American three-engined eight-seat commercial transport monoplane. Built by the Atlanta Aircraft Corporation and designed by George H. Prudden, Edward Whitehead was responsible for the sales of the aircraft.
  • Between 2000 and 2001 there were several killings in conflicts between CPI (ML) PW and MCC in Orissa. However, in September 2002, CPI (ML) PW and MCC signed an agreement to coordinate activities in the state. At the time Santosh was the head of the CPI (ML) PW unit in the state.
  • In March 2010, the second series of TTC selection was attended by 32 trainees, only 18 personnel passed a 15-week course at the Prison Officer Training Centre, Taiping, Perak. The Best Intern was PW 14319 Mazlan Bin Abd. Razak from Bentong Prison. The Best at Shooting was PW 14450 Hj Majidee Bin Hj. Khalid from Miri Prisons and the Best at Physical Training was PW 14430 Mahadi Bin Mamat from Kajang Prison.
  • "Publishers Weekly" ("PW") described it as a "blistering j'accuse" that, compared to "Blinded by the Right", was "a less gossipy and more systematic assault on the right-wing media juggernaut." Brock, according to "PW", depicted the mainstream media as being "cowed by spurious charges of 'liberal bias'" and as therefore having "abandoned their role as objective arbiters of truth in favor of an uncritical airing of partisan ideology in the name of 'balance.'" "PW" stated that Brock could not "be accused of nonpartisanship".
  • Includes the following years and model numbers: 1951 B-3-PW; 1952- early 53 B-3-PW; late 1953 B-4-PW; 1954 C-1-PW; 1955- early 56 C-3-PW; Additional Distinguishing Features: (3) slightly curved stake pockets on each side, bed sides are stamped. Looking at these bed sides from the rear, the top rail section of the bed angles out at 45 degrees with a rounded top edge. Group of 4 gauges in the center of the dash (Fuel, Amp, Temp, Oil) with silver/grey faces.

  • Based on the earlier two-seat braced-wing monoplane fighter, the M-8, the PW-2 was a single-seat variant for the United States Army Air Corps. It had a fixed tailskid landing gear and was powered by a nose-mounted Wright-Hispano H engine with a tractor propeller. The pilot had an open cockpit. The company built three prototypes designated the PW-2 and a production order for 10 aircraft designated the PW-2A followed. The PW-2As were similar to the PW-2 but had a revised tail unit. After four aircraft had been delivered, one aircraft crashed when the wings separated from the aircraft; the contract was canceled. One of the PW-2As was modified with shorter-span wings and a [...] Packard 1A-1237 engine as the PW-2B.
  • In 1901, when the city of Philadelphia opened an adjacent highway bridge, it absolved the PW&B of the responsibility of carrying the road traffic, and the railroad promptly began building the PW&B Bridge No. 1.
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