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Judeo-Tat [also: Juhuri]
Judäo-Tatisch {n}
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Judeo-Tat [also: Juhuri]
Judäo-Tatisch {n}ling.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He compiled the first Juhuri-Hebrew dictionary and a brief history of the Mountain Jews.
  • Roman Izyaev staged performances based on the stories of the writer Hizgil Avshalumov (Juhuri: "Кишди хьомоли") - "Sash of childlessness" and (Juhuri: "Шими Дербенди") - "Shimi Derbendi", where he played the role of "Shimi".
  • He published in periodicals, in the almanac (Juhuri:"Ватан Советиму") – "The Soviet Motherland" in the Judeo-Tat language, stories, the poem (Juhuri:"Гhард ферзенди") – "Filial duty", as well as collections of poems in Judeo-Tat and in Russian.
  • Gavrilov published his poems, stories, plays and translations into the Mountain Jews almanac (Juhuri:"Ватан Советиму") – "Our Soviet Motherland".
  • Bakhshiev's last play was Juhuri:"Дю дедей") – "Two Mothers", 1965.
  • Other his work theme were about the involvement of a Mountain-Jewish woman to Soviet reality (Juhuri:"Ма‘ни духдару") - "Song of a Girl", 1933, (Juhuri:"Рапорт") - "Report", 1933 and (Juhuri:"Хумор") - "Gamble", 1933-34.
  • Like most "Jewish" languages, the grammatical structure of Juhuri retains archaic features of the language it is derived from.
  • He has written four plays, including the first Judeo-Tat musical comedy "(Juhuri:"Кишди хьомоли")" "Sash childlessness" and the historical drama "(Russian:"Толмач имама Шамиля")" "The interpreter of Imam Shamil," the play "(Juhuri:"Шими Дербенди")" "Shimi Derbendi," and "Love is in danger."
  • Shha with descender is used in the alphabets of the Tati and Juhuri languages, where it represents the glottal stop [...].
  • Manuvakh Dadashev ([...]; [...]; 1913–1943) was a Soviet poet of Mountain Jew origin. He wrote in a language of the Mountain Jew (Juhuri).
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