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backward {adv} <bwd, bwrd, bw>rückwärts <rw>
biowarfare <BW>
biologische Kriegsführung {f}
Botswana <.bw>
Botswana {n}
Botswana <.bw>
Botsuana {n}
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body weight <BW>Körpergewicht {n}
body weight <BW> [body mass]
Körpermasse {f} <KM> [Körpergewicht]
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black-and-white {adj} <bw, b/w, BW, B/W>Schwarz-Weiß- <SW, S/W>
black-and-white {adj} <bw, b/w>schwarz-weiß <sw, s/w>
biological warfare agents <BW agents>
biologische Kampfmittel {pl}
Republic of Botswana <.bw>
Republik {f} Botswana
Republic of Botswana <.bw>
Republik {f} Botsuana [amtliche deutsche Schreibweise]
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  • Most current registrations are at the third level beneath second-level names such as co.bw and org.bw, but some second-level registrations also exist, such as Botswana Telecommunications Corporation's website.
  • The pump machinery division was (ACEC centrifugal pumps) acquired (from ACEC Union Minière) by BW/IP in 1992. BW/IP successor Flowserve closed the Charleroi pump factory in 1997.
  • As a reliever for the Greenland Command headquarters base in Narsarsuaq, Bluie West One, BW-8 was by late 1942 assisted by small fields at Bluie East Two in East Greenland, and Teague Field on the west coast about midways between BW-8 and BW-1.
  • Circa 1988, Bondwell also got involved in creating one of the first universal remote controllers BW-5010. The BW-5010 could control up to 5 devices and featured a backlight.
  • In 2005, a further re-organisation took place, accompanied by the re-branding of the business under a single group brand, BW. BW Gas was listed in Oslo in October 2005 as a pure gas shipping company with BW Group retaining a majority share. BW Offshore followed suit by being listed in May 2006. The other assets remain in private ownership.
  • Stars observed in Baade's Window can be called BW stars, similarly giant stars can be called BW giants.
  • In 1998 SAP released the first version of SAP BW, providing a model-driven approach to EDW that made data warehousing easier and more efficient, particularly for SAP R/3 data. Since then, SAP BW has evolved to become a key component for thousands of companies. An article, provided the history of SAP BW from inception to the newer releases powered by SAP HANA.
  • During the formation of BOCRA, it was given to administer and manage the .bw country TLD.
  • An independent Bahnbetriebswerk (locomotive depot, Bw) was originally established at Greiz station in 1937. However Greiz always remained a small Bw, larger locomotive repairs were therefore always carried out elsewhere.
  • In 1967, his productions included "Crystal Ball" bw "Didn't I" for Guy Darrell, "Come Back Baby Come Back" bw "Since My Baby Said Goodbye" for Romeo Z and "Leave It To Me" bw "Anyway That You Want Me" for Gary Bell.
  • The following is a list of buildings at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. BW is home to many notable structures and the multi-building BW South Campus Historic District and the BW North Campus Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • On 17 October 2015 the 307 BW reactivated the 489th Bomb Group under its Wing. The 489 BW is a classic association at Dyess AFB, Texas flying the B-1B Lancer.
  • In 1961, they released two singles, "Intoxica" bw "Tequila" and "Rampage" bw "Comanche", both on Impact. Then there was "It's Party Time" bw "Soft Top", released on Impact 13-IM, 13-IMX.
  • The "Flanders Loyalty" is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanker, currently owned by BW Gas of Oslo, Norway and named "BW Liberty".
  • N.B. The shortened form "Betriebswerk" is also used and both are commonly abbreviated to Bw or BW. The plural is "Bahnbetriebswerke".
  • The USBWL were created after Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson requested the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1941 to review the feasibility of biological warfare (BW). The following year, the NAS reported that BW might be feasible and recommended that steps be taken to reduce U.S. vulnerability to BW attack. Thereafter, the official policy of the United States was first to deter the use of BW against U.S. forces, and secondarily to retaliate if deterrence failed.
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