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gallium <Ga>
Gallium {n} <Ga>
Gabon <.ga>
Gabun {n}
Georgia <GA> [Peach State, Empire State of the South]
Georgia {n} [US-Bundesstaat]
guanidinoacetate <GA>
Guanidinoacetat {n} <GA>
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Go ahead! <GA>Na los!
Go ahead! <GA>Mach schon!
Gabonese Republic <.ga>
Gabunische Republik {f}
Galilei number <Ga>
Galilei-Zahl {f} <Ga>
general admission <GA> [Am.]
freie Platzwahl {f}
general agent <GA>Generalvertreter {m}
general agreement <GA>
Rahmenvertrag {m} <RV>
General Assembly <GA>Generalversammlung {f}
general average <GA, G/A>
große Haverei {f} <GH>
general aviation <GA>
allgemeine Luftfahrt {f}
genetic algorithm <GA>
genetischer Algorithmus {m}
gestational age <GA>
Gestationsalter {n} <GA>
gestational age <GA>
Schwangerschaftsalter {n}
gibberellic acid <GA>
Gibberellinsäure {f} <GA>
glatiramer acetate <GA>
Glatirameracetat {n} <GA>
glutaric acidaemia <GA> [Br.]
Glutarazidämie {f} <GA>
glutaric acidemia <GA> [Am.]
Glutarazidämie {f} <GA>
3 Wörter
general assembly drawing <GA drawing>
Zusammenbauzeichnung {f}
general assembly drawing <GA drawing>
Zusammenbau-Zeichnung {f}
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  • legis.ga.gov/joint/reapportionment/en-us/default.aspx and apply to the maps first used for the 2012 congressional elections.
  • Šà.zi.ga are a set of incantations of Mesopotamian origin, used to cure impotence, or return sexual potency to a person.
  • The songs "I Don't Know Why", "Lie", "One Time" and "Ready N Go" (previously titled "The Way part 1 ~One Time~" and "The Way part 2 ~Ready N Go~") from their second Japanese album "392", "Just Please" from their Japanese debut EP "Now or Never", "Wanna Be Like U" and "One of a Kind" from their second Japanese EP "Voice", and the song "Thank You" (previously titled "a.ri.ga.tou."
  • The suffix *-p and the change of the final TNG *a vowel to *u do not appear in the possessive pronouns: "*na, *ga, *ya/wa, *na-ga, *ga-ga, *ya-ga".
  • After The Get Up Kids called it quits, Rob joined the band Koufax, along with his brother Ryan to form their new rhythm section. Together they recorded the album "Hard Times are in Fashion" in 2005. In the same year he joined the band White Whale to record their album WW1. Soon afterward he joined the band Spoon and recorded their album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga". He currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Jirā ga tsukutta shorui wa kachō ga okoruhodo, machigetteita.
  • GA - Goncz Assault Pistol GA-9 (9 mm), GA-4 (.45 ACP) and GA- 3 (.30) Mauser has a longer barrel at 9.5 inches and a barrel shroud for looks and heatsinking.
  • Ga is the other Ga–Dangme language within the Kwa branch. Ga is spoken in south-eastern Ghana, in and around the capital Accra.
  • .ga is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Gabon.
  • A picture of Bontecou working in her studio, taken by Italian photographer Ugo Mulas in 1963, was used as the cover art for Spoon’s 2007 album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga". The apparently completed sculpture on the right in the aforementioned photograph is now in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art.
  • Theocratic groups included the Ga-Adangbe, and the Guan where power rested in the hands of a priestly class. The Ga-Adangbe lacked a central authority since each Ga settlement was autonomous. The "Wulomei" or fetish priest represented the Ga priestly class. In time, the Ga city states separated political power from religious authority. The position of state chief, known as "Gã Mantse" became responsible for civil matters while religious authority remained in the hands of the "Wulomei", yet still, the "Wulomei" had great influence in the administration of the state.
  • It is roughly bounded by the Chattahoochee River, GA 37, GA 39, College, Commerce and Jefferson Streets.
  • The call of blue-bellied roller is a harsh clicking "ga-ga-ga" sound.
  • The Residents of the neighbouring villages of Ga-Makhushane, Ga-Mashishimale, Ga-Maseke and Ga-Selwane are proudly called Ba-Phalaborwa ba ga Malatji, a North Sotho tribe of Kalanga extraction. The Malatji Royal Family venerates the Totem of the Noko, a Porcupine and the clan is generally called Dinoko as a symbol of respect.
  • The place is also known for its diverse people from chieftaincies such as Ga-Manthata, Ga-Matlala, Ga-Mmalebogo, Makgababeng, Moletši and the small town of Mogwadi.
  • Moef Ga Ga ended in May 1968, to be succeeded by Toppop with Penney de Jager as choreographer. The Dutch Beat Girls also ended with Moef Ga Ga.
  • McCarthy has worked as a producer on five Spoon albums, from "Girls Can Tell" until "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga", as well as Patty Griffin's "Children Running Through", Sound Team's "Movie Monster", and albums by …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Features and The Sun ("Don't Let Your Baby Have All the Fun").
  • Grunenberg and N. Goldberg probed the bond strength of a Ga-Ga triple bond by calculating the compliance constants of digallium complexes with a single bond, a double bond, or a triple bond. The results show that the Ga-Ga triple bond of a model Na [...] compound in "C [...] " symmetry has a compliance constant value of 0.870 aJ/Å [...] is in fact weaker than a Ga-Ga double bond (1.201 aJ/Å [...]).
  • The ga noi is 1 of 3 main chickens in Vietnam; the other two, the ga tre and ga rung, are also used for fighting. The ga rung are a caught wild, while the ga tre and ga noi are domesticated.
  • In the hospital, Ga-in and Ga-yeon are placed in the same room. Ga-in is having nightmares and is woken by her sister. Ga-in has a hallucination of Ga-yeon taking a knife from her pocket; they struggle and the knife ends up stabbing Ga-yeon. Ga-yeon cries and asks Ga-in how she could do this to her own sister. Seok-min appears and exposes his true individuality: the curse. He can only be seen by Ga-in and the people he controls. Ga-in looks down at Ga-yeon and realizes that it wasn't a knife in her pocket, but instead a burnt family photo. Seok-min then tries to kill Ga-in. Ga-in stabs Seok-min, but in reality she stabs herself because he is controlling her from the inside.
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