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nine-digit {adj} [attr.] <9-digit>neunstellig <9-stellig>
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Übersetzung für '9-digit' von Englisch nach Deutsch

nine-digit {adj} [attr.] <9-digit>
neunstellig <9-stellig>
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  • The initial ISBN identification format was devised in 1967, based upon the 9-digit Standard Book Numbering (SBN) created in 1966.
  • In some applications, the fully expanded 5+4 digit labeler+product code is used as a 9-digit number to identify a product regardless of packaging.
  • A Bookland EAN was generated by concatenating the Bookland UCC 978, the 9 digits of the book's ISBN other than its checksum, and the EAN checksum digit.
  • His word for zero was "shunya" (void), the same term previously used for the empty spot in 9-digit place-value system.
  • In 2000, the company's prefix was changed from 0933 to 93 as part of the country's new numbering system. All other digits remained the same, for 9-digit long numbers.
  • The numbering scheme of the permit has been revamped: the previous 11-digit permit number has been separated to a 9-digit permit number and a 2-digit issuing sequence number.
  • Numbers beginning with 014 are predominantly used for satellite services. Parts of the 014 prefix had previously been used as a 9 digit, AMPS mobile phone access code.
  • A 9 digit (plus check digit) barcode, containing the ZIP Code and ZIP+4 Code, referred to as the "C" code.
  • In 2009, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University published a study showing that it is possible to predict most and sometimes all of an individual's 9-digit Social Security number using information gleaned from social networks and online databases.
  • These two versions are sometimes known as "6-digit" and "9-digit", respectively.
  • The 9-9-9 format was chosen based on the 'button A' and 'button B' design of pre-payment coin-operated public payphones in wide use (first introduced in 1925) which could be easily modified to allow free use of the 9 digit on the rotary dial in addition to the 0 digit (then used to call the operator), without allowing free use of numbers involving other digits; other combinations of free call 9 and 0 were later used for more purposes, including multiples of 9 (to access exchanges before Subscriber trunk dialling came into use) as a fail-safe for attempted emergency calls, e.g.
  • The game offers a "location invite" tool which employs gps and triangulation to find users geographically close by and invites them; or the user can "post" the user's 9 digit friend code and ask other users to punch the code into their "invite friend by code" section.
  • The ABN is an 11-digit number where the first two digits are a checksum.
  • The IMO also introduced digital selective calling (DSC) on MF, HF and VHF maritime radios as part of the GMDSS system.
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