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A delta fibers < fibers> [Am.]
A-Delta-Fasern {pl} <Aδ-Fasern> [auch: A-Delta-Nervenfasern]
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  • After a nerve lesion of either C fibers or fibers, they become abnormally sensitive and cause pathological spontaneous activity.
  • A delta fibers ( fibers) and C fibers carrying pain sensation in the spinothalamic tract contribute to this commissure, as do fibers of the anterior corticospinal tract, which carry motor signals from the primary motor cortex.
  • These fibers, categorized as C fibers and small fibers, are present in skin, peripheral nerves, and organs.
  • Afferents responding to noxious stimuli are known as nociceptors. There are 2 main groups, unmyelinated C afferents and small myelinated fibers. Most studies are focused on C nociceptors.
  • Fast-conducting Aβ and -fibers provide the lowest stimulus intensities (typically referred to as prepain sensations), and those sensations eventually receive higher stimulation levels.
  • The first are the fiber axons. They are myelinated and can allow an action potential to travel at a rate of about 20 meters/second towards the CNS.
  • There are four main types of sensory fibres responsible for somatosensation: Aα, Aβ, and C fibres (more details can be found at the axon page).
  • An electrical current can be applied to the tooth in order to generate an action potential in the Type fibres within pulp, eliciting a neurological response.
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