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arachidonoylethanolamide <AEA>
Anandamid {n}
acoustic emission analysis <AEA>
Schallemissionsanalyse {f} <SEA>
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  • Auala has one malae (open area serving as the village main ceremonial commons), Falefa'aea.
  • In another version of the myth, the Achaeans were just about to sacrifice Athamas who was a scapegoat to purge the sins of the country according to the command of an oracle but Cytisorus came from Aea in Colchis and delivered his grandfather Athamas.
  • The aea shows a cross-section of Australian urban development from the 1810s to 1930s.
  • GIDS' product portfolio comprises offerings in the domains of air, land, aea, nuclear, biological and chemical defence and security.
  • Aea or Aia (...) or Aeaea or Aiaia (...) was a town in Malis in ancient Thessaly.
  • The MONA or Hodges number for "Piruna aea" is 3986.1.
  • All the sites are in open country within the community aea, so cannot be said to be in any one of the settlements.
  • Richard Brown's grand-daughter, Mrs Robert Montgomerie, is on record as stating that Robert Burns slept for one night in Brown's house on a journey from Greenock to Finlaystone House circa 1788 even though his friend Richard was at aea at the time.
  • "Aeaean" was an epithet of Circe and her paternal niece Medea (...), who were the sister and daughter of Aeëtes, the ruler of Aea (...) in Colchis Circe's son Telegonus is likewise given this epithet.
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