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Auger electron
Auger-Elektron {n}
Auger electron spectroscopy <AES>
Auger-Elektronen-Spektroskopie {f} <AES>
Auger electron spectroscopy <AES>
Auger'sche Elektronenspektroskopie {f} <AES>
scanning Auger electron microscopy
Raster-Auger-Elektronenmikroskopie {f}
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  • This theory for grain boundary segregation, derived from truncated BET theory, provides excellent agreement with experimental data obtained by Auger electron spectroscopy and other techniques.
  • In this period he started in situ thin film growth studies by conventional electron microscopy, Ultra high vacuum UHV reflection electron diffraction, Low-energy electron diffraction LEED and Auger electron spectroscopy.
  • This second ejected electron is called an Auger electron and this process of electronic transition with indirect radiation emission is known as the Auger effect.
  • It appears in the scientific fields of electron microscopy, cathode ray tubes, accelerator physics, nuclear physics, Auger electron spectroscopy, cosmology and mass spectrometry.
  • However, a positive atomic ion may result from further Auger electron emission.
  • Electron emission techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), which measure the binding energies of the core electrons, are used to identify the atomic species present in a sample in a non-destructive way.
  • An outer electron will fill the vacant electron position and produce either a characteristic X-ray or an Auger electron.
  • Just as an atom may produce an IC electron in place of a gamma ray if energy is available from within the nucleus, so an atom may produce an Auger electron in place of an X-ray if an electron is missing from one of the low-lying electron shells.
  • If, in addition, the electron emitted (the "Auger electron") also belongs to the same shell, one calls this a super Coster&ndash;Kronig transition.
  • Although most often this energy is released in the form of an emitted photon, the energy can also be transferred to another electron, which is ejected from the atom; this second ejected electron is called an Auger electron.
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