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Ausones {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Ausones' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ausones {pl}ethn.hist.
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  • In the last half of the 4th century BC, the remaining Oscan populations (who were not Samnites) lived in three sovereign states: the Sidicini, the Aurunci and the Ausones.
  • It takes its name from the Ausones/Aurunci, whose ancient town Ausona (member of the Auruncan Pentapolis), located nearby, was destroyed by the Romans in 314 BC.
  • Then he speaks of a later extension to the river Garigliano, to include the Volsci, Osci and Ausones. The "last town" in the Adiectum Latium, or "Extension of Latium", was Sinuessa.
  • Ancient Minturnae was one of the three towns of the Ausones which made war against Rome in 314 BC, in the Second Samnite War, the other two being Ausona (modern Sessa Aurunca) and Vescia.
  • According to Diodorus Siculus, the Aeolian Islands were occupied by the Ausones led by Liparus.
  • They were neighbors of the Samnites and Campanians, and allies of the Ausones and Aurunci.
  • It was one of the three cities possessed by the tribe of the Ausones and its name seems to imply that it was their chief city or metropolis (the others were Cales and Aurunca).
  • This year is noted mostly for a war between Rome and the Ausones.
  • Other minor Italic groups who settled in Sicily included the Ausones (Aeolian Islands, Milazzo) and the Morgetes of Morgantina.
  • Vescia was an ancient city of the Ausones (a subgroup of the Aurunci), in what is now central-southern Italy, which was part of the so-called Auruncan Pentapolis and was destroyed by the Romans in 340 BC.
  • The Opici, Ausones and Aurunci were later linguistically and culturally Oscanized.
  • Archaeological findings have attested human presence in the area to as early as the Neolithic age; in the pre-Roman age, the area was inhabited by the Ausones.
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