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bas reliefhalb erhabene Arbeit {f}
bas-reliefFlachbild {n}
Flachrelief {n}
Basrelief {n}
halberhabene Arbeit {f}
boron arsenide <BAs>
Borarsenid {n} <BAs>
brake assistant <BA, BAS>
Bremsassistent {m} <BAS>
3 Wörter
en bas reliefhalb erhaben
bas-relief sign [Rigler sign]
Rigler-Zeichen {n}
building automation system <BAS>
Gebäudeautomationssystem {n}
business activity statement <BAS> [Aus.]
betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung {f} <BWA> auf einem amtlichen Vordruck
4 Wörter
blanking and sync signal <BAS signal>
Austast- und Synchronisiersignal {n}
Rashkind balloon atrial septostomy <Rashkind BAS>
Ballonatrioseptostomie {f} nach Rashkind <BAS nach Rashkind>
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  • high bas relief sculptures by Robert Merrell Gage as a companion piece to the Tongva/Gabrieleno tribe member sculpture.
  • The film subtitles a Creole song as "Hey Legba" although its title phrase is actually "Eh là-bas", a formerly common Louisiana Creole greeting roughly translated as "Hey you over there."
  • Lawrie sculpted numerous bas reliefs for El Fureidis, an estate in Montecito, California designed by Goodhue. The bas reliefs depict the Arthurian Legends and remain intact at the estate today.
  • One famous example of force dispersal is the Swedish air force's Bas 60 and later Bas 90 system of spread-out bases.
  • The Swedish Air Force developed and used the Bas 60 and Bas 90 air base systems as a defensive measure against offensive counter air operations during the Cold War.
  • The dialect spoken in this atoll (Addu bas) is quite different from the official form of the Dhivehi language. It has some affinities with the language of Fua Mulaku Mulaku bas.
  • The National Basketball League (NBL) is a basketball league founded by Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS). BAS organizes the men's division and women's division.
  • The Bas 60 road runways are not to be confused with the short runways in the Bas 90 system, which in many cases also were built on public road.
  • The temple is adorned with panels of narrative bas-reliefs telling the story of the Hindu epic Ramayana and Bhagavata Purana.
  • 16. Bas-reliefs 28-30 Rue de la Loge. Marseille. Gaston Castel was this building's architect and in 1953 he commissioned Vézien to execute two bas-reliefs for the outside of the building.
  • The bronze panels on the Burns Monument are in the bas relief style.
  • 1995 Brickell Avenue Bridge, completion of 36-foot bronze bas-relief column, 17-foot sculpture of Teguesta Family, four 4-foot by 8-foot bas-reliefs of Miami's pioneers and twelve bas-reliefs of the Florida Fauna.
  • Each of the 3 atolls of the Suvadiva region speaks its own distinctive forms of the Maldivian language ("Huvadhu bas", "Mulaku bas" and "Addu bas"), which are much different from the rest and as suggested by researchers, having a closer affinity to what may have been the original.
  • "Gaey bas": The name assigned to the second last bas.
  • Above the bas-relief tablets at the base of the column are four [...] carved granite figures representing the northern, southern, eastern and western sections of the reunited nation.
  • Baş also plays on a wheelchair basketball team at a national level.
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