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back focal distance <BFD>
hintere Schnittweite {f}
block flow diagram <BFD>
Blockfließschema {n}
block flow diagram <BFD>
Grundfließschema {n} [Blockfließbild]
budgerigar fledgling disease <BFD>
Wellensittich-Nestlings­krankheit {f}
budgerigar fledgling disease <BFD>
Nestlings­sterblichkeit {f} der Wellensittiche
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  • Unlike the GNU linker, gold does not use the BFD library to process object files.
  • The album was released in 1980 by BFD Records (as #BFD-5023) and was kept in print for many years by AIP Records.
  • In April 2020, ROLI sold FXpansion instrument BFD to InMusic Brands.
  • A negative BFD indicates that the focal plane lies "inside" the lens.
  • In June 2011 the BFD protocol standardization process entered the Proposed Standard stage.
  • BFD to be measured after each shot, maximum allowed BFD for HG1/A class is 44mm, and 25mm for the rest.
  • The 2015 BFD Energy Challenger was a professional tennis tournament played on clay courts.
  • The BFD's Fireboat, Fireboat 233 is docked at the public safety dock on Ferry Access Rd.
  • Additionally, Schafer owns the hashtag rights to #BFD when used in conjunction with marketing.
  • BFD is an XML dialect based on XSIL.
  • Two versions of ld are provided in binutils: the traditional GNU ld based on bfd, and a "streamlined" ELF-only version called gold.
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