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bodyweight exercise <BWE>
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Übersetzung für 'BWE' von Englisch nach Deutsch

bodyweight exercise <BWE>
Eigengewichtübung {f}sports
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  • "Note": Western Bwe Karen (Blimaw, Geba) preserves the implosives or preglottalised obstruents ɓ/ʔb and ɗ/ʔd, as well as voiceless sonorants such as hn, hl, and so forth.
  • A bucket-wheel excavator (BWE) is a large heavy equipment machine used in surface mining.
  • In Burmese Buddhism, Dhamma names ("bwe") are in Pali and chosen by the head monk of the monastery in which one is ordained.
  • "Wilathini Sindaw Bwe Mawgun" of Wetmasut Nawade is the first-class mawgun amongst the Sindaw Bwe mawguns (records of receiving white elephants), followed by "Shweminbhone Sindaw Bwe Mawgun" of U Nyo.
  • The princes and princesses to whom eigyins composed were noted by the historians as "Égyin-Bwe-Khan" (...).
  • The song contains a lyric in Lugandan, the Bantu language of the Baganda people of Uganda, that says 'kwegata bwe bugumu' which means 'togetherness is strength'.
  • ... abbreviated as IC) is a rock band in Myanmar formed by lead guitarist Saw Bwe Hmu.
  • The BWE Media Networks, LLC. is the parent company of The BWE Television Network and The Los Angeles Television Festival.
  • Unlike the buckets on a BWE, the buckets on the chain face downwards, allowing the machine to remove overburden or materials significantly below the bench or travel level.
  • Dialects are Western Bwe Karen and Eastern Bwe Karen. Most comprehend the Western Bwe Karen dialect.
  • (tell), pronounced bwe-la, however a large group of speakers would say "dzvela" instead.
  • In 2017, Optilan announced the arrangement of a strategic venture with BlueWaterEnergy Group (BWE), focusing on increasing and developing service offerings on a global scale.
  • "Bwe" songs honor the king, while " [...] " songs honor the Buddha or the king as a protector of the Śāsana.
  • The name "Zimbabwe" stems from a Shona term for Great Zimbabwe, a medieval city in the country's south-east whose remains are now a protected site.
  • Braunschweig Airport (BWE / EDVE) is located north of the city at [...] , elev. [...].
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