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NOUN   a border war | border wars
border warGrenzkrieg {m}
Border War [USA] [1854–1861]
Grenzkrieg {m} [Bleeding Kansas, Blood Kansas]
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  • The brief border war against Ethiopia in 1964 was fought under conditions of grave unpreparedness in where the army was cut off from its own lines whilst the government became more and more corrupt, which in turn provided food for resentment and hostility towards the regime that was already incapable as well as impotent and dishonest.
  • Ethiopian MiG-23s were used in ground attack and strike missions during the border war with Eritrea from May 1998 to June 2000, even striking targets at the airport in the Eritrean capital city, Asmara on several occasions.
  • The Savannah Association annually commemorate Operation Savannah, a battle from 1975 to 1976 in the South African Border War (also known as the Namibian War of Independence).
  • During the South African Border War, the South African Air Force operated a force of 16 Mirage IIICZ interceptors, 17 Mirage IIIEZ multirole fighter-bombers, and 4 Mirage IIIRZ reconnaissance fighters, which were typically flown from bases in South-West Africa.
  • This led to a long and bloody border war between 1998 and 2000.
  • Many high schools hold Remembrance Day services to honour the past pupils who died in the two World Wars and the Border War.
  • Conducted as one of the three major actions of Operation Reindeer during the South African Border War, it was the South African Army's first major air assault.
  • In 1144 the Crusader state of Edessa was besieged in a border war that threatened its survival.
  • Mexico Border War—the U.S. military's first operation to use truck convoys.
  • According to James Calvin, western nations at the time viewed China as an aggressor during the China–India border war, and saw the war as part of a monolithic communist objective for a world dictatorship of the proletariat.
  • Soviet RPGs were used extensively during the Vietnam War (by the Vietnam People's Army and Vietcong), as well as during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by the Mujahideen and against South Africans in Angola and Namibia (formerly South West Africa) by SWAPO guerillas during what the South Africans called the South African Border War.
  • In response to the Soviet-backed Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, China fought an inconclusive border war with Vietnam (February–March 1979).
  • Maine also has a major rivalry with New Hampshire, often called "The Border War".
  • The FAPLA's main counterinsurgency effort was directed against UNITA in the southeast, and its conventional capabilities were demonstrated principally in the undeclared South African Border War.
  • Minelaying occurred during the 1964 Ethiopian–Somali Border War and 1977-78 Ogaden War with Ethiopia, when minefields were laid predominantly along the Ethiopian border.
  • Whilst still neutral, besides occupying eastern Poland and the Baltic States, the USSR may make territorial demands of Finland and Romania, which may either fight a border war or back down and cede the territory.
  • Anti-tank guns continued to be used in a number of conflicts past World War 2 around the world, such as the Six-Day War and the South African Border War.
  • Over the course of the South African Border War, one was downed by an SA-7; another returned with an unexploded missile in its exhaust.
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