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Boyer-Moore algorithm
Boyer-Moore-Algorithmus {m}
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Boyer-Moore algorithm
Boyer-Moore-Algorithmus {m}comp.
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  • He was a recipient of the 2005 ACM Software System Award along with Robert S. Boyer and J Strother Moore, for his work on the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover.
  • He invented the BoyerMoore–Horspool algorithm, a fast string search algorithm adapted from the Boyer–Moore string-search algorithm.
  • Nqthm is a theorem prover sometimes referred to as the BoyerMoore theorem prover. It was a precursor to ACL2.
  • ACL2 is intended to be an "industrial strength" version of the BoyerMoore theorem prover, NQTHM.
  • In computer science, the Zhu–Takaoka string matching algorithm is a variant of the BoyerMoore string-search algorithm.
  • Several mechanisms have been proposed for event log analysis: finite state automata, Petri nets, procedural (either based on an imperative programming language or an object-oriented programming languages), a modification of BoyerMoore string-search algorithm, and simple temporal networks.
  • He is a co-developer of the BoyerMoore string-search algorithm, Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithm, and the Boyer–Moore automated theorem prover, Nqthm.
  • In computer science, the BoyerMoore string-search algorithm is an efficient string-searching algorithm that is the standard benchmark for practical string-search literature.
  • Two famous examples are the BoyerMoore and Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithms, and several algorithms based on the suffix tree data structure.
  • This concept of linear time is used in string matching algorithms such as the BoyerMoore string-search algorithm and Ukkonen's algorithm.
  • ACL2 is a theorem prover that can handle proofs by induction and is a descendant of the Boyer-Moore Theorem Prover, also known as Nqthm.
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