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C flat major
Ces-Dur {n}
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Übersetzung für 'C flat major' von Englisch nach Deutsch

C flat major
Ces-Dur {n}mus.
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  • The second section shifts to a bi-tonal suggestion of a C flat major melody over an A flat major accompaniment, before returning to the original driving eighth note theme.
  • C-flat major is the only major or minor key, other than theoretical keys, which has "flat" or "sharp" in its name, but whose tonic note is the enharmonic equivalent of a natural note (a white key on a keyboard instrument).
  • "Mario" is a Congolese rumba song. It was composed in the key of C-flat major, with a moderate tempo of 115 beats per minute. "Mario" has an C, F, G, F chord progression throughout the song.
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