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NOUN   canto | cantos
cantoGesang {m} [Teil einer Dichtung]
cantoCanto {m}
bel canto
Belcanto {m}
bel canto
Belkanto {m} [offizielle Rsv. von 1996 bis 2017]
canto fermo
Cantus firmus {m}
Bel Canto [Paul Weitz]
Die Geiselnahme
Canto for a Gypsy [Martin Cruz Smith as Martin Smith]
Totentanz um eine Königskrone
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  • "Canto popular" ("popular song"), which arose around 1975, eschewed contemporary instrumentation, including electric instruments, allowing only native styles and rhythms.
  • In eleventh canto describes certain rites, also Devi is identified with Yajurveda and Rudra.
  • In Canto IV, "The Vision," the last canto of "M'Fingal", the Scottish background of the protagonist and accounts of the North Carolina Highlanders are featured, along with discrimination by the Whigs between Tories and the British soldiery.
  • Canto LV is mainly concerned with the rise of the Tatars and the Tartar Wars, ending about 1200.
  • The second canto has 27 verses. The sadhu narrates his life story in this canto.
  • The typical length of a canto varies greatly from one poem to another. The average canto in the "Divine Comedy" is 142 lines long, while the average canto in "Os Lusíadas" is 882 lines long.
  • V. Y canto porque amo Y amo porque quiero, Y canto al gran rio que limpia mi dolor.
  • Again and again the wind is very important in this last canto.
  • The twelfth canto describes the life of resident students at Gurukul Kangri, it also includes a listing of the protagonist's prominent students and collaborators.
  • In 2003 Hamill he did a poetic tour in Italy, organised by writer Alessandro Agostinelli. After that tour Hamill published his first italian book "A Pisan Canto - Un canto pisano".
  • "Madhura Vijayam" was discovered in 1916 with some verses incomplete and others missing and presumed lost, including possibly an entire canto between the eighth and final canto.
  • The following canto-by-canto description of the work is from A. K. Warder. Bharavi's work begins with the word "śrī" (fortune), and the last verse of every canto contains the synonym Lakshmi.
  • Bel canto (Italian for "beautiful singing" or "beautiful song", [...])—with several similar constructions ("bellezze del canto", "bell'arte del canto")—is a term with several meanings that relate to Italian singing.
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