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Carnot's cycle [less frequent for: Carnot cycle]
Carnot'scher Kreisprozess {m}
Carnot's theorem [also: theorem of Carnot]
Satz {m} von Carnot
Carnot / Carnot's cycle
Carnot-Zyklus {m}
Carnot / Carnot's cycle
Carnot-Kreisprozess {m}
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  • Lycée Français Diego Suarez, or Lycée Français Sadi-Carnot, is a French international school in Antsiranana. Historically it was the Collège français Sadi Carnot.
  • Sadi Carnot, who reasoned purely on the basis of the caloric theory, developed his principle of the Carnot cycle, which still forms the basis of heat engine theory.
  • The "Reflections" contain a number of principles such as the Carnot cycle, the Carnot heat engine, Carnot's theorem, thermodynamic efficiency.
  • Clapeyron, in his memoire, presented Carnot's work in a more accessible and analytic graphical form, showing the Carnot cycle as a closed curve on an indicator diagram, a chart of pressure against volume (named in his honor Clapeyron's graph).
  • In 1893, Cécile Carnot (the wife of Sadi Carnot, President of the Republic) purchased the ruins and offered them as a gift to her eldest son, infantry colonel Sadi Carnot (1865-1948), who during 26 years carried out a great and meticulous historical restoration in the spirit of the 15th century.
  • The name "Carnot battery" comes from Carnot's theorem, which describes the maximum efficiency of converting heat into mechanical energy.
  • Romainville - Carnot (...) is a future station on line 11 of the Paris Métro.
  • Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot was born in Paris at the Palais du Petit-Luxembourg into a family that was distinguished in both science and politics.
  • In thermodynamics the highest achievable efficiency is the Carnot efficiency. The efficiency of thermoacoustic engines can be compared to Carnot efficiency using the temperature gradient operator.
  • In thermodynamics, Carnot's theorem, developed in 1824 by Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, also called Carnot's rule, is a principle that specifies limits on the maximum efficiency that any heat engine can obtain.
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