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NOUN   a Carnot / Carnot's cycle | Carnot / Carnot's cycles
Carnot's cycle [less frequent for: Carnot cycle]
Carnot'scher Kreisprozess {m}
Carnot / Carnot's cycle
Carnot-Zyklus {m}
Carnot / Carnot's cycle
Carnot-Kreisprozess {m}
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  • Another cycle that features isothermal heat-addition and heat-rejection processes is the Stirling cycle, which is an altered version of the Carnot cycle in which the two isentropic processes featured in the Carnot cycle are replaced by two constant-volume regeneration processes.
  • Sadi Carnot, who reasoned purely on the basis of the caloric theory, developed his principle of the Carnot cycle, which still forms the basis of heat engine theory.
  • Vapor-compression refrigeration units typically achieve performance coefficients of 60% of that of a theoretical ideal Carnot cycle, much higher than current MR technology.
  • Clapeyron, in his memoire, presented Carnot's work in a more accessible and analytic graphical form, showing the Carnot cycle as a closed curve on an indicator diagram, a chart of pressure against volume (named in his honor Clapeyron's graph).
  • The Carnot cycle and Carnot efficiency as shown in the equation (...) are useful because they define the upper bound of the possible work output and the efficiency of any classical thermodynamic heat engine.
  • Calorimetry has a special benefit for thermodynamics. It tells about the heat absorbed or emitted in the isothermal segment of a Carnot cycle.
  • A Carnot heat engine is a heat engine that operates on the Carnot cycle.
  • Thermodynamic temperature, as distinct from SI temperature, is defined in terms of a macroscopic Carnot cycle.
  • This is different from the cycle efficiencies of the plant or engine, which are between approximately 25% and 42%, and are limited by any irreversibility to be below the Carnot cycle efficiency.
  • Ever since attending lectures of Carl von Linde, Diesel worked on designing an internal combustion engine that could approach the maximum theoretical thermal efficiency of the Carnot cycle.
  • The Carnot cycle is the most efficient possible engine, not only because of the (trivial) absence of friction and other incidental wasteful processes; the main reason is that it assumes no conduction of heat between parts of the engine at different temperatures.
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