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Karnuten {pl} [auch: Karnuter]
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Karnuten {pl} [auch: Karnuter]hist.
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  • In the 3rd century AD, the emperor Aurelian rebuilt the ruined town (273-274), reconstructed its defences, detached the new town from the territory of the Carnutes (which it had until then depended upon), and named it after himself "Aurelianum" or "civitas Aurelianorum", which later metamorphosed into the word "Orléans".
  • The division thus corresponds to that between the late Roman provinces of "Tertia Lugdunensis" (Tours) and "Quarta Lugdunensis" (Sens) and the civitates of the Cenomani and of the Carnutes respectively.
  • Lumeau has roots as a Gaulish village in the Carnutes territory.
  • According to Livy, they joined Bellovesus' legendary migrations towards Italy ca. 600 BC, along with the Aeduii, Ambarri, Arverni, Carnutes and Senones.
  • Along with the Carnutes, the Bloisians fought against people from Orléans and Châteaudun.
  • Cenabum was a Gaul stronghold, one of the principal towns of the tribe of the Carnutes where the Druids held their annual assembly.
  • They joined Bellovesus' migrations towards Italy, together with the Aeduii, Ambarri, Arverni, Aulerci, and Carnutes.
  • In 53 BC, Caesar ordered a "concilium Galliae" to unite at Durocortorum in order to judge Acco, chief of the Carnutes, for the conspiracy between the Senones and the Carnutes.
  • The Carnutes or Carnuti (Gaulish: 'the horned ones'), were a Gallic tribe dwelling in an extensive territory between the Sequana (Seine) and the Liger (Loire) rivers during the Iron Age and the Roman period.
  • Autricum was a principle settlement in the territory of the Carnutes.
  • He was assigned by King Brenn of the Carnutes to a group of three priests sent by Saint Denis to evangelize the south of the Île-de-France.
  • The Gauls arrived in the valley between 1500 and 500 BC, and the Carnutes settled in Cenabum in what is now Orléans and built a bridge over the river.
  • They joined Bellovesus' migrations towards Italy, together with the Aedui, Ambarri, Aulerci, Carnutes and Senones.
  • Caesar says that the Carnutes were assigned to the Remi, Rome's most loyal Belgic ally, as a client state; George Long thought this was probably a consequence of Tasgetius's murder.
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