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Cech cohomology [Čech cohomology]
Cech-Kohomologie {f} [Čech-Kohomologie]
Cech homology [Čech homology]
Cech-Homologie {f} [Čech-Homologie]
Stone-Čech compactification [also: Stone-Cech compactification]
Stone-Čech-Kompaktifizierung {f}
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  • Cech was an undergraduate student at Montana State University, where she majored in electrical engineering and sociology.
  • Cech cohomology and sheaf cohomology agree on an affine open cover. This makes it possible to compute the sheaf cohomology of [...] using Cech cohomology for the standard open cover.
  • by Thomas Cech and his coworks. [...] This was considered the first ribozyme that can self-splice from a primary transcript without the help of proteins.
  • The third condition applies on triple overlaps "Ui" ∩ "Uj" ∩ "Uk" and is called the cocycle condition (see Čech cohomology). The importance of this is that the transition functions determine the fiber bundle (if one assumes the Čech cocycle condition).
  • In 2005, the inaugural Premier League Golden Glove was awarded to Petr Čech of Chelsea. Since 2005 Čech and Joe Hart have won the award on the most occasions with four successes each, with Čech the only goalkeeper to have won the award with two different teams (Chelsea and Arsenal). Pepe Reina was the first goalkeeper to achieve back-to-back wins of the award, managing to do so in three consecutive seasons between 2005 and 2008. Joe Hart later repeated the achievement with Manchester City between 2010 and 2013, as did Ederson with the same club between 2020 and 2022.
  • In 1936, Norman Steenrod constructed Čech cohomology by dualizing Čech homology.
  • Čech was duke ("vojvoda") of his land for a long time. There was peace in his land, nobody thieved, and all was well. But after Čech's death, morals soon declined.
  • Čechová was married twice, including her first marriage to actor Vladimír Čech Sr., which ended in divorce. Her only child, actor and television host Vladimír Čech, died from Lynch syndrome in 2013.
  • During the 2006-07 English Premier League season, Czech goalkeeper Petr Čech suffered from a severe concussion in a match between his club Chelsea and Reading. During the match, Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt hit Čech's head with his right knee, knocking the keeper out. Čech underwent surgery for a depressed skull fracture and was told that he would miss a year of playing football. Čech resumed his goalkeeper duties on 20 January 2007 in a match against Liverpool, now wearing a rugby helmet to protect his weakened skull.
  • A major reason for the notion of a good cover is that the Leray spectral sequence of a fiber bundle degenerates for a good cover, and so the Čech cohomology associated with a good cover is the same as the Čech cohomology of the space. (Such a cover is known as a Leray cover.) However, for the purposes of computing the Čech cohomology it suffices to have a more relaxed definition of a good cover in which all intersections of finitely many open sets have contractible connected components. This follows from the fact that higher derived functors can be computed using acyclic resolutions.
  • From the point of view of sheaf cohomology, the Mayer–Vietoris sequence is related to Čech cohomology. Specifically, it arises from the degeneration of the spectral sequence that relates Čech cohomology to sheaf cohomology (sometimes called the Mayer–Vietoris spectral sequence) in the case where the open cover used to compute the Čech cohomology consists of two open sets. This spectral sequence exists in arbitrary topoi.
  • The Stone–Čech compactification of the first uncountable ordinal [...] , with the order topology, is the ordinal [...]. The Stone–Čech compactification of the deleted Tychonoff plank is the Tychonoff plank.
  • CECH-4000B consoles (those with hard drives) weigh approximately [...] , while the CECH-4000A weighs approximately [...].
  • A variant of Čech cohomology, called numerable Čech cohomology, is defined as above, except that all open covers considered are required to be "numerable": that is, there is a partition of unity {ρ"i"} such that each support [...] is contained in some element of the cover. If "X" is paracompact and Hausdorff, then numerable Čech cohomology agrees with the usual Čech cohomology.
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