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didanosine <ddI>
Didanosin {n} <ddI>
dideoxyinosine <DDI, ddl>
Dideoxyinosin {n} <DDI, ddl>
direct dialling-in <DDI> [Br.]
Durchwahl {f}
drug-drug interaction <DDI>
Arzneimittelwechselwirkung {f}
drug-drug interaction <DDI>
Arzneimittelinteraktion {f} <AI>
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  • In October 2004, Isuzu introduced the DDi iTEQ common-rail diesel engine family for the D-Max.
  • The DDI was in charge of the CID in each police division.
  • Prior to DirectX 10, DirectX runtime was designed to be "backward compatible" with older drivers, meaning that newer versions of the APIs were designed to interoperate with older drivers written against a previous version's DDI.
  • 0 which enhances the implementation of the video pipeline and adds a host of other DDIs, including a Capture DDI for video capture.
  • The network that would eventually become Au was originally set up as two networks: DDI and IDO.
  • Operated by KDDI (DDI Pocket) (1995–2004).
  • Had it been constructed, it would have been the first DDI in the United States.
  • Nesstar data and metadata tools included metadata extraction from statistical software file formats (SPSS, NSDstat and Stata) into the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard for social research data, as well as conversion of SPSS metadata into DDI.
  • Maximal concentrations and systemic exposure (Cmax and area under the curve (AUC)) of digoxin are both increased as a result of DDI.
  • Though it was kept being advertised in catalogs and magazines for a late 1995 release, Atari halted its development before it was completed, with former DDI president and CEO Stewart Green stating in a 2003 forum post at AtariAge provided by community member panamajoe that the publisher's marketing department wanted to focus on 3D titles instead of 2D ones, in addition of stating that the source code of the game has become lost with time.
  • Didanosine (ddI, DDI), sold under the brand name Videx, is a medication used to treat HIV/AIDS.
  • The grant also partially funded the creation of a questionnaire specification content area in the Data Documentation Initiative's DDI Lifecycle metadata standard.
  • The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) was created by the DDI Alliance.
  • In November 2017, SIPO stated that some statement of accounts had been received from DDI, but they were found not to be compliant because the accounts were not audited.
  • DDI Pocket, a PHS operator, was previously owned by KDDI but has now been spun off as Willcom.
  • While at Bain Capital, Conard took Waters Corporation, DDI, ChipPac, Innophos, and Sensata public and sat on their boards of directors.
  • The game tells the story of Arrow, a mercenary pilot initially in the employment of DDI, a ruthless private military corporation.
  • The current Academic Director of the DDI is Prof. Michael Kassiou.
  • Development Dimensions International (DDI) is an international human resources and leadership development consultancy.
  • GlobalRoam developed smartmapping, which allows the sharing of a small pool of DDI numbers to reach to a large number of users.
  • A DDI subscription included an online character builder (which required the now-defunct Microsoft Silverlight), archived "Dragon" and "Dungeon" web content, and a compendium of rules elements for the 4th edition of "Dungeons & Dragons".
  • Dublin Design Institute (DDI) [...] [...] is the longest-established [...] specialised design private third level (higher education) college in Ireland.
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