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dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Dakryoszintigrafie {f} <DS>
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Dakryoszintigraphie {f} <DS>
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Tränenwegsszintigraphie {f} [auch: Tränenwegs-Szintigraphie]
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Tränenwegszintigrafie {f} [seltener für: Tränenwegsszintigrafie]
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Tränenwegszintigraphie {f} [seltener für: Tränenwegsszintigraphie]
desmoglein <Dsg>
Desmoglein {n} <Dsg>
direct-shift gearbox <DSG>
Direktschaltgetriebe {n} <DSG>
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  • Prior to joining Silatech in 2011, between 2007 and 2010 he served as the second dean of the Dubai School of Government (DSG), now known as Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government.
  • Typical of villages in the Hunsrück is a well developed club life. DSG Breitenthal ‘95 e.V.
  • The equivalent officers at the Central level are Principal Directors (PDs) or Directors General (DsG).
  • A DSG network comprises three components. The "Conditional Access Server" generates a stream of out of band data.
  • VW Sweden stopped selling the Passat EcoFuel DSG as a taxi after many cars had problems with the 7 speed DSG gearbox.
  • A DSG Cup was also announced for cars equipped with DSG transmission.
  • The Dewey Square Group (DSG) is a political consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.
  • Advantages of DSG over dacrocystography include better functional information and a lack of injection.
  • On 10 August 2012 "Goji On Cloud 9" audio equipment and "Goji Tinchy Stryder" headphones were distributed by over 600 retailers in the United Kingdom, by DSG International plc subsidiaries in Europe, and globally by DSG International owned Pixmania.
  • Solarlite has tested the DSG concept successfully in three pilot projects in Thailand and Germany.
  • Legally the DSG and Mitropa were merged just like the Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn.
  • Pathology of the soft palate includes mucosal lesions such as pemphigus vulgaris dsg - 3, herpangina and migratory stomatitis, and muscular conditions such as the congenital cleft palate and cleft uvula.
  • , DSG) was a political party in Guinea. DSG was founded in the run-up to the 1954 legislative election by Abdoulaye Diallo, Chaikou Baldé and Ibrahima Barry ([...] 'Barry III').
  • Performance was marginally improved: with 0- [...] coming at 6.8 seconds (6.6 seconds for DSG-equipped models), and a top speed of [...] (manual) or [...] (DSG).
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