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Deccan Traps {pl}
Dekkan-Trapp {m}
Deccan (crested) lark [Galerida deva]
Devalerche / Deva-Lerche {f}
Deccan rock bush quail [Perdicula argoondah]
Madraswachtel {f}
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  • "Nyctibatrachus deccanensis" (common names: Deccan night frog, Deccan wrinkled frog) is a species of frogs in the family Nyctibatrachidae.
  • In December 2014 Judge Loya died in strange circumstances claimed newspaper deccan herald Judge MB Gosavi replaced Loya.
  • It has deccan grameena bank and it is situated on the banks of village lake.
  • The reign of Western Chalukya dynasty was an important period in the development of architecture in the Deccan.
  • The whole region lies on the deccan plateau. It has an altitude of 429m.
  • layer of diabase, known locally as "trapp" (see deccan traps).
  • The gushing of water from every nook and corner of the rocky bed forms a milky white falls and the brown colored water in some parts of the falls shows the fertility that Cauvery brings along with her to the deccan plateau.
  • The early rulers of the dynasty migrated from eastern deccan to the west deccan in search of employment and under the Vakatakas they might have attained feudatory status.
  • Parantaka Chola I (Tamil : பராந்தக சோழன் I) (873 CE–955 CE) was a Chola emperor who ruled for forty-eight years, annexing Pandya by defeating Rajasimhan II and in the deccan won the battle of Vallala against Rashtrakutas which happened before 916 CE.
  • Populations from the Eastern Ghats and Deccan Plateau in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka previously mistaken to be this species, have now been classified as a distinct species Lycodon deccanensis.
  • These fossils are very well preserved due to deccan lava explosions and flow of volcanic lava over it.
  • Most of the people come under the Indian (aryans) ethnicity or under the deccan indo-dravidian ethnicity.
  • On reaching Hyderabad-deccan with the help of other Commandants, he founded the 2nd Nizams own (N.O.) Hyderabad Imperial Service (H.I.S.) Lancers Troops.
  • he has suffered more disgrace than even he did from all power of the moghul of the deccan (Bijapuri) and he who hath conquered so many kingdoms is not able to reduce this woman Desai" records, Surat,107.
  • The train is highly preferred by tourists and nature lovers, because it runs through the coastal goa, deccan plateau, coastal Andhra & Orissa and the spectacular Braganza Ghats of Western Ghats, where it meets the world-famous Dudhsagar Falls.
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