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Deceangli {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Deceangli' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Deceangli {pl}ethn.hist.
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  • According to Tacitus, the tribe that was responsible for this incursion was the 'Decangi', which scholars associate with the Welsh Deceangli.
  • It formed part of the territory of the Deceangli during the Roman occupation of Wales.
  • The lead that was produced there was stamped with the inscription Deceangli (Welsh: Tegeingl), which was the name of the Celtic British Iron Age tribe occupying the area.
  • The Deceangli or Deceangi (Welsh: Tegeingl No Roman town is known to have existed in the territory of this tribe, though the auxiliary fort of "Canovium" (Caerhun) was probably in their lands and may have had a civilian settlement around it.
  • The inhabitants of Old Oswestry hillfort were either from the tribes of the Ordovices or Cornovii and Iron Age hillforts in the Clwydian Range to the north (including Foel Fenlli and Moel Arthur) were occupied by the neighbouring Deceangli.
  • During their time in Britain, the ancient Romans encountered tribes in present-day Wales that they called the Ordovices, the Demetae, the Silures and the Deceangli.
  • After putting down the rebellion he began expeditions beyond the frontier, beginning with a productive campaign against the Deceangli tribe in north Wales and the Cheshire Gap in 48.
  • At the time of the Roman invasion, the area was part of the region occupied by the Cornovii, one of the Celtic tribes of ancient Britain, on the border with the Deceangli tribe across the River Dee to the west.
  • The fort was the largest Roman military installation in the area and it is likely that the administrative functions of the Deceangli tribe were conducted from here.
  • Their tribal lands were located in present-day North Wales and England, between the Silures to the south and the Deceangli to the north-east.
  • Their territory was bordered by the Brigantes to the North, the Corieltauvi to the East, the Dobunni to the South, and the Deceangli, and Ordovices to the West.
  • By the time the Romans reached Britain, the area that is now Clwyd was occupied by the Celtic Deceangli tribe.
  • There were similarly named peoples in Wales, the Deceangli and in Liguria, the Deciates, as well as a Gaulish personal name "Decantilla".
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