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Doing that is easy!Das fällt einem leicht!
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Übersetzung für 'Doing that is easy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Doing that is easy!
Das fällt einem leicht!
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  • The sales engineer does not have to lie (ignore or negatively misrepresent the competitor's products or services) if they can reasonably tell the customer that their employer can tailor its solutions to the customer's particular requirements. Doing that may not be easy or cheap, which means that there is always a line to be walked to avoid overpromising-and/or-underdelivering.
  • This is an easy way of doing business, but it does mean that the other carriers in the market have partial visibility of what each other is doing.
  • In a paper with Carl Sagan, Ostro noted that while the asteroid impact hazard is a long-term risk to any civilization, the risk associated with maintaining an active deflection program is higher, because it is just as easy to deflect an asteroid to impact Earth as to prevent it from doing so.
  • One of the reasons for doing this is that Gibbs sampling of the Dirichlet-multinomial distribution is extremely easy; see that article for more information.
  • It is important to realize that this is because too much statistical utility is lost in doing so, not because the data cannot be identified.
  • It is easy to neglect at-home therapeutic exercises for various reasons, but CPMs can be used while watching television or doing anything stationary.
  • According to many Latin American experts, Paraguay is tapped as one of the top three counties with the best investment climate in Latin America and the Caribbean as well it remains the most attractive nation of the hemisphere in doing business and is equipped with a series of legislations that protect strategic investments and guarantee a friendly environment for the development of large industrial plants and infrastructure projects.
  • This method is usually for the larger chub, a light spinning/lure rod with a fixed-spool reel of at least 10 pounds line rating as it is easy to snag onto debris when doing this method.
  • She is trying to get Johnny's life organised since he is clearly incapable of doing it himself, but has not realised that he does not especially want his life organised.
  • This means that in most cases, Psi will not implement a feature unless there is an accepted standard for it in the XMPP community. Doing so ensures that Psi will be compatible, stable, and predictable.
  • Since healthcare facilities have records of the women who have given birth, when the women are followed to monitor the progress of their babies as well as their health, it becomes easy to put them on a follow-up and ensure they are doing well as the baby grows.
  • Another woman is doing spring cleaning and has climbed a ladder to clean the overhead light from the outside.
  • The latter is especially important for doing high-throughput studies.
  • It contains a 12-note series that unfolds one or two notes at a time and keys are often implied during cadences, showing no clear effort to avoid doing so.
  • For Linton a role is the set of behaviors associated with a status, and performing the role by doing the associated behaviors is the way in which a status is inhabited.
  • In doing this, the Nervii were intending to use what is recognisable today as the modern army doctrine of force concentration.
  • Tiridates thus spent the rest of his life trying to eliminate all ancient beliefs and in doing so destroyed countless statues, temples and written documents.
  • ... 5 mM) and in so doing, oxidize sulfide to S0, [...] , or [...].
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