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E flat <E♭>
Es {n} <E♭> [Ton]
E double flat <Ebb>
Eses {n}
E flat major
Es-Dur {n}
E flat minor <E♭ minor>
es-Moll {n} <es, Esm, E♭m>
E-flat clarinet
Es-Klarinette {f}
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  • For instance, the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major now became BWV 552, situated in the range of the works for organ.
  • The celebrated Polish pianist and composer Sigismund Stojowski made his only records for Lyric, of Anton Rubinstein's "Valse caprice" in E-flat and Frédéric Chopin's Waltz in A-flat major op.
  • ... 6 in E-flat major) seems to have been composed jointly by the two men, as both of their names appear on the title page of the Viennese manuscript.
  • Other famous examples of early 20th-century suites are "The Planets" by Gustav Holst, a "Suite for Orchestra" in which each piece represents the astrological significance of one of the seven uninhabited planets then known, as well as his First Suite in E-flat and Second Suite in F for Military Band.
  • He then directed the Norman Krasna play "Love in E Flat", which was a critical and commercial flop.
  • One of the best-known examples that legitimized the grand trio is Mozart’s Divertimento in E-flat, K.
  • The two symphonies, in D major and E-flat major, cannot be precisely dated.
  • When he showed Balakirev the beginning of a symphony in E-flat minor that he had written, Balakirev insisted he continue working on it despite his lack of formal musical training.
  • Scores don't systematically indicate fretboard positions (where to put the first finger of the fretting hand), but when helpful (mostly with barrés chords) the score indicates positions with Roman numerals from the first position I (index finger on the 1st fret: F-B flat-E flat-A flat-C-F) to the twelfth position XII (index finger on the 12th fret: E-A-D-G-B-E.
  • Donizetti wrote it in F major, but it is often transposed down a tone (two half-steps) into E-flat.
  • During the lengthy coda, there is a stray in key centers as far as A major and E flat Major until returning to B-flat major at the end.
  • With typical flamboyance, Berlioz adds spice to the harmony in bar 6 with an E flat in the horn part, creating a half-diminished seventh chord which is not in Schubert's original piano part.
  • Both "Royal Iris of the Mersey" and "Snowdrop" have an E-flat tone, and "Royal Daffodil" [...] s is in F Sharp.
  • Among the works in which Stravinsky conducted the orchestra are "Apollon musagète"; "Le baiser de la fée"; "The Firebird" – suite and complete ballet; Mass; "Mavra"; "Les noces"; "Orpheus"; "Perséphone"; "Petrushka" – suite and complete ballet; "Pulcinella" – suite and complete ballet; "The Rake's Progress"; "The Rite of Spring"; the Symphony in E flat; the Symphony in Three Movements and the Violin Concerto; as well as several shorter pieces.
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