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SYNO Eb | Ebit | exabit
EBIT [earnings­ before interest and taxes]
EBIT {m} [Gewinn vor Finanzergebnis, außerordentlichem Ergebnis und Steuern]
EBIT margin
EBIT-Marge {f}
electron beam ion trap <EBIT>
Elektronenstrahlionenfalle {f}
earnings­ {pl} before interest and taxes <EBIT>
Gewinn {m} vor Steuern und Zinsen
earnings­ {pl} before interest and taxes <EBIT> [operating result]
Gewinn {m} vor Zinsen / Zinsenaufwand und Steuern <GVZS> [operatives Ergebnis]
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  • In June 1999 Cecilia Danieli died in Aviano at the age of 56. EBITDA to €187.7 million, EBIT to €91.6 million.
  • Electron beam ion trap (EBIT) is an electromagnetic bottle that produces and confines highly charged ions.
  • 2003: Carlisle surpassed net sales of $2 billion with EBIT margin of 7%.
  • As part of the deal Betsson agreed to a $4 million performance incentive if Inkabet outperform EBIT targets.
  • Net operating profit less adjusted taxes (NOPLAT) refers to after-tax EBIT adjusted for deferred taxes, or NOPAT + net increase in deferred taxes.
  • To calculate EBIT, expenses (e.g. the cost of goods sold, selling and administrative expenses) are subtracted from revenues.
  • Ebit Lew is known for occasionally undergoing large-scale charitable activities.
  • In 2000, Manitoba's "Educators of Business Information Technology" (EBIT) established a cash prize in Dryden's name which is still awarded today to business teacher graduates.
  • For the full financial year to December 2018, Breedon generated revenues of £862.7m, underlying EBIT of £103.5m and an underlying EBIT margin of 12%.
  • During his management new orders grew by 160%, net results by 80%, FCOF by 90%, EBIT by 27% and revenues by about 20%.
  • 2021 marks the most successful year in the 170 years history of Röhlig Logistics, with gross sales of €1.5 billion and EBIT of €61 million.
  • In July, 2020, Deutsche Post DHL Group significantly increased earnings in Q2 2020 despite COVID-19. Operating profit (EBIT) improved by around 16% to around EUR 890 million.
  • Trovit generated revenues of €17.6m and EBIT of €5.9m in 2013.
  • Nyong Essien Akpan Efio-Iwat Effembe Ebit Akpan Amaide Oku, traditional ruler, teacher, retired civil servant; Born on November 9, 1872 died 15 October 1976.
  • In FY21, the company reported a revenue of [...] with a profit (EBIT) of [...] 505.14 crore.
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